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Building trust with a teenager who habitually lies

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Alllgonetoshite Mon 10-Dec-18 09:45:50

I have always tried to explain to DD (13) that if I know she will tell the truth she will have my trust and she will have a lot more freedom as a result. She habitually lies about everything.

She will steal stuff from me and her sibling and deny it. She lies about where she is and who she is with.

I had a look on her social media and it is wall to wall swearing. None of the people she is chatting with are swearing on it. They are mainly replying with one or two words, but every other word she says is fuck or cunt. I am not shocked by the idea that teens might swear but she was literally the only one using bad language. Despite my username I have never sworn in front of her.

She is seeing a boy and lying about it. I have tried to chat to her about it but she is continuing to lie. I really think she is too young for a boyfriend and my instinct is to put my foot down but that will result in more lies and deception.

I don't know what to do. I don't think she would tell the truth if you paid her.

Please give me some ideas before I make it all worse sad

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