To report this to the police or not

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user400 Thu 06-Dec-18 21:07:48

Hi all,

My DS who is 17 is having issues with an individual at the minute who was meant to be his best friend. They had been best friends since year 7.

I’m going to shorten this as much as possible, but, basically their friendship has detoriated over the last few months due to this guys behaviour.

The guy became very jealous of DS because he was socialises with other people but it’s ok for that guy to have his other friends, mind you, I don’t know how anyone would want to be friends with him!

So in February this guy was telling DS that people were calling DS gay and telling him not to hang around with DS, DS believed this and it did upset him but it settled down and then started again in April when the truth was finally out.

This guy was spreading malicious lies about DS behind his back, he told two girls in the school that DS called them slu*s and that he wanted them to die, he then told two boys that DS said he was going to beat them up and then the guy was again telling DS that people were talking about him, when this was in fact not true. DS knew nothing about all this and thought it was all true.

However, the truth came out when DS contacted the girl that he supposedly was meant to have called a slu* and asked if she was calling him names as she was meant to have been and she denied this and then he asked the two boys and they denied saying anything so therefore it Became clear that all this was made up nonesense.

DS blocked the guy that weekend and then I told the school so they had a word with the guy that Monday morning and he was told to apologise, an apology had to be forced out of him as he shown no remorse so DS with the good heart he has accepted his fake apology and agreed to let it go.

However, this guy continued to make up lies and then DS forgave him every time, I’ve lost count of how many times this happened between them and now but they always made up but that guy doesn’t have the mental capacity to realise how his actions affect other people and he shows no remorse, is extremely arrogant and thinks the world revolves around him.

He has invited DS out and then DS has said yes only to go on snapmaps and find him with his new best friend, and then when DS questions him he says he forgot and then DS says it’s not good enough and then he gives sarcastic replies like oh dear

Anyway, this guy messaged DS the other night and said he felt rubbish as nobody messages him anymore and then DS said be nice to people and then maybe will message you. He didn’t like this and he really turned on him.

He made serious threats like e.g he would beat DS up and send him to hospital so DS just replied with oh you hard lad and then he said he would get a combat knife and stab DS outside school. This guy no longer goes to the same school as DS as he moves school at the end of last year.

DS wants to go to the police and I agree but im hesitant as I’m worried he may do something to DS in revenge, he’s clearly not mentally stable. His mother and father always make it look like he does no wrong and implies that DS is the one that causes all these things.

What should we do? Would going to the police about this be worth it? He has a police history of cyber bullying anyway.

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ladybee28 Fri 07-Dec-18 13:56:15

I'd definitely go to the police, and I'd notify this boy's new school too, so they're fully in the loop.

If your main concern is a revenge attack, better to have the paper trail and the police notified before an attack happens (god forbid) rather than have to explain afterwards.

Sending hugs - this must be tough for you both.

Kimlek Wed 12-Dec-18 00:47:32

The police may be interested in the threatening behaviour but not with the lies and rumour spreading behaviour. So when you report it stick to the threats and ideally have proof (texts etc).

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