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Daughters 18th - no idea what to get her🤔

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Monica53 Thu 06-Dec-18 17:51:28

Hi there
Well our DD is 18 soon and other than a ring, we have no idea what to get her, likely usual clothes etc.. she was going to get a MacBook air though waiting till start uni in 2019 so it's new for that. We don't have £s...and have though either putting a few £s in 18th birthday balloons as a novelty and making up a box with 18 daft things in ? Ideas or things other people have done would be fab. Thank you for reading xx

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Sundance2741 Thu 06-Dec-18 20:41:36

Our dd was 18 recently. We bought her a matching necklace and bracelet (she chose them). That's all really - everything else was from other family members (bath stuff, money for various things, vouchers and two hamsters!)

mineofuselessinformation Thu 06-Dec-18 20:45:00

Yes, a keepsake piece of jewellery that she will appreciate when she's older.

Puzzledmum Thu 06-Dec-18 22:21:57

We got our Daughter a nice watch, a bracelet with a nice charm, an engraved necklace and some small things.

Lara53 Sun 09-Dec-18 14:53:20

My parents made me a photo album for my 18th with pics of me/ family from 0-18

Avrannakern Sun 09-Dec-18 14:55:58

I always think jewellery for these things. She'll have it forget and can pass it to her daughter (if she has one).

Go for an independent! I got a lovely necklace from LibbyJane but there's some really lovely stuff on notonthehighstreet so that's worth a look.

greenpop21 Sun 09-Dec-18 14:56:44

This year we gave our DD a watch that she wanted and £180.

greenpop21 Sun 09-Dec-18 14:57:50

She's not really into jewellery and had already saved up and bought herself a Macbook.

Topofthehills Sun 09-Dec-18 15:01:04

My parents got me a lovely silver necklace/earrings/bracelet set for my 18th. They feel very special - in fact I wore them to my wedding ten years later!

They also passed an item from a much-loved deceased relative, which was special to me.

Otherwise, I think an "experience" type thing is great for an 18th - a play or show or concert or special film or something. Or an afternoon tea at a fancy hotel.

Whyislarryhappy Sun 09-Dec-18 15:05:16

On my 18th (all with 18th biryhday on) I got a champagne flute, pint glass, keyring, mug with teddy. Also got a gold bangle, diamond ring, amethyst earrings. I'm sure I would've had some sort of bath set ect too.
18 novelty gifts is quite a good idea. Could be '18 gifts to survive adulthood' and include a cotton and thread, pepperspray, whistle, torch keyring, bottle opener, corkscrew, ect

greenpop21 Sun 09-Dec-18 15:08:02

I associate rings with engagement.

libellule1 Sun 09-Dec-18 15:11:04

I think I got a nice suitcase ready for my gap year, and a camera (when they were point-and-shoot and not too expensive).

kathyjean Sun 09-Dec-18 22:53:23

alcohol obviously

Monica53 Mon 10-Dec-18 20:11:39

Wow thank you for replies x have bought her a ring, also a few keep sakes. Going to do a box of 18 things and idea of thread etc is great. Going to have a look on etsy and notonthehighstreetx

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homophoebe Tue 11-Dec-18 10:29:30

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

GonzoFlyingProducts Tue 11-Dec-18 23:31:45

Driving lessons ?
A flying lesson (cheaper then you might think and truly a one off experience) ?
Inter-rail ticket / voucher ?
A bottle of wine from the year she was born ?
Really good spa day for her and a friend ?

BitOutOfPractice Wed 12-Dec-18 00:47:09

I got my dd arralkt simple classy Tiffany bracelet which has been sneered at loads on mn but which she hasn't taken off since nearly a year later

oldandgold Wed 12-Dec-18 06:00:04

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jessstan2 Wed 12-Dec-18 06:07:52

Jewellery is good.
So is MONEY!!!

ragged Wed 12-Dec-18 06:30:21

I am thinking about some posh towels. That are HERS alone.

Cheeseandapple Wed 12-Dec-18 08:04:32

My mum took me to Paris for two nights (and her mum took her, I'll take my DD on her 18th too).

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