16 year old with depression

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Blessthekids Wed 05-Dec-18 23:51:06

I don't think you are being unreasonable and things like exercise can only help with depression. I would stick with it and try not to engage in any arguments, just point out that sooner its done, the sooner you can go on screens. What did the therapist say to you?

Bettyboo45 Wed 05-Dec-18 23:41:24

Have you tried a referral to PTS my daughter and I have both used them fantastic and made a massive difference. You can do it all on line

ninaKanel Wed 05-Dec-18 20:30:22

Our daughter is struggling with anxiety and depression, and She is finally open for treatment. She hasn’t been in the past, because she said it made her feel worse to open up and talk about difficult things. She has been through people calling her names and bullying in school when she was younger.

We have tried to meet her with many of the things she finds overwhelmed by, like school. She is now taking this year as a part time student, and working with her and a psychologist to find out how we can help her. Psychologist says she suspects that our daughter might be bipolar, but she is still under evaluation.

Because if her mood swings, some times conflicts happen at home, and right now her main issue with us ( her parents ) is that we won’t let her spend all her time in front of screens. She games, spends time with friends online and uses her phone a lot on social media.
Because we have seen she isolates herself a lot and hides inside, hardly going out and not contributing to much at home, we have put down some things she needs to do one week, like going to the gym twice a week, doing an online therapy class once a week and make dinner once a week, to get screen time the following week.

Now she is furious and angry because we don’t understand her and we don’t listen to her when she says that the only thing that makes her feel better from her depression, is talking to friends online and playing games.

I think that letting her do things this wAy will not benefit her in the long run. I am trying to help her ant motivate her to hang out with friends, work out etc. Today when we both went to her therapist, this was the subject. As if I’m doing her harm by expecting some things from her because she is depressed. I find this very difficult. Am I wrong to not let her isolate herself?

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