What to do for a 15th birthday party

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ProfessionallyUnoffended Tue 20-Nov-18 21:31:59

Sounds like you have it covered. Hope all goes well and don't forget to report back here!

coolmum223 Tue 20-Nov-18 19:53:40

@ProfessionallyUnoffended well I don't know about the function room but I know in the restaraunt you won't get served alcohol without ID and if any of the staff are suspicious you are underage they have in cases ID'd people. As for bringing it in it's mandatory if you've brought a bag to leave it in a cloakroom area although there isn't a cost. Thinking of doing a red Wristband green wristband thing with those ones you can't take off as I know others have done it in that venue and it's worked like a charm

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coolmum223 Tue 20-Nov-18 19:51:01

@raisinsraisins forgot to mention that in the original post the venue can provide door staff as well for a small extra free. It all seems to be coming together nicely

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raisinsraisins Tue 20-Nov-18 16:59:35

Sounds great, but I’d also hire a security guard who can watch the door and also look out for inappropriate behaviour/bringing in alcohol.

ProfessionallyUnoffended Tue 20-Nov-18 16:43:46

I think it sounds lovely, especially if you have a sensible DD with sensible friends. My only concern would be alcohol as a lot of teens that age want or expect it unfortunately

coolmum223 Tue 20-Nov-18 15:32:08

And just in case anyone Misreads it like I've done a billion times I said mocktails the ones that are basically fancy fruit drinks no alcohol

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coolmum223 Tue 20-Nov-18 15:31:35

DD's 15th is fast approaching (8th of December). She has assured me she wants a birthday party of some sorts she recommended a house party since it would be the easiest to set up but I've told her I don't think I'd be comfortable with this after reading all the MN articles on it. She was fine with this saying it was just the first option to came to head.
I was thinking a local restaraunt function room since the restaraunt would offer catering, its well shaped with a dance floor, dj booth and Tables as well as a buffet area, the price is reasonable and it's a great size. Also I should add due to it running club nights on certain nights it also has a very good PA system and also lights and lasers which would be great for my DDs party since she does want a dance floor. By the way my DD is contributing half towards this party (she has a part time job and is a saver).

So what do you think. Is the function room a good idea. By the way I'm not listing the price but it works out cheaper than a hall since all I'd have to pay for is the dj outside that and the dj I'm getting my Brothers friend to do it and he's given me a discount. Where's with a hall even if I didn't have food if I was to rent a half decent PA system, get drinks and also maybe some lights since I know the dj I'm hiring doesn't have any of them it would work out as more for a worse result.
By the way one good thing about the restaraunt is also there's a wide range of drinks such as Mocktails for the younger ones and Wine for me

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