Job for 15yr old

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Nelumbo Sun 11-Nov-18 21:45:49

Thanks for all the suggestions guys

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cptartapp Sun 11-Nov-18 15:53:42

If he's at all interested in football get him to do his refereeing course. DS1 gets £15-£25 an hour depending on age for the local Junior leagues.

Janus Sun 11-Nov-18 14:44:49

Mine have both started working at 15, both in local, independent tea shops and farm shops. It’s all cash in hand, about £5 an hour. Big chain shops won’t touch them until 16 so I’d go to any small tea shops around you. Pretty sure a couple girls also worked in Clark’s from 15 so may be worth asking there if you have one. No idea why they’d be the only chain store to ignore the 16 year old rule! Also know of other 15 year olds working at b&b’s and small hotels as chamber ‘person’, including a boy. Places like activity centres sometimes take on from 15, eg dry ski slope.

Sadik Sun 11-Nov-18 14:39:56

Round here washing up in cafes, shelf stacking / tidying in independent shops, babysitting, newspaper round, gofer/general skivvy in a garage (latter was friend's ds who was really into mechanics/engineering).

PoisonousSmurf Sun 11-Nov-18 14:33:05

Many places won't take on under 16's because of insurance.

readingurz Sun 11-Nov-18 14:27:44

Start with Independent shops, garden centres and local cafes often take on under 16’s

Nelumbo Sun 11-Nov-18 11:17:12

Oh I wouldn't do it for him, he'd be quite happy to go round himself
Neither of us just have any sort of idea of what type of places would take on a 15yr old?
I'd assume the bigger chains wouldn't, maybe more independent places?

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Pigeonpresent Sun 11-Nov-18 10:38:37

Don’t do it for him, all part of the experience! Anywhere with a kitchen, waiting on, kiddy attractions, farms

lovetherisingsun Sun 11-Nov-18 10:36:57

I went out with a CV at 15 and went to every single shop in the town. Took three hours to walk the whole way round and talk to people but even when a job wasn't posted I went in and asked if they could bear me in mind for any job whatsoever, cleaning, etc. If he's so desperate why is he not going round looking for himself? To be frank you shouldn't be doing this for him.

Nelumbo Sun 11-Nov-18 10:33:56

My DS is desperate for a job, he is 15.
I've looked around local advertising boards in the post office and supermarket etc but there never is anything advertised.

He says some of his mates have jobs but is still yet to give me a few examples of where they are working!

What type of places would take a 15yr old?

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