How to help a VERY deep sleeper

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NumbersLetters Wed 07-Nov-18 00:36:53

DD sleeps unbelievably deeply, has done since primary school age. Trying to rouse her is a massive effort every day; I feel like a nurse in theatre recovery. When she does wake she is usually incoherent for a few minutes, still talking as though in a dream. Left unattended she will also fall deeply asleep in the afternoon. We try to prevent this so that she gets better quality of sleep overnight. It's causing a lot of stress around getting her to school on time, and getting her to take responsibility for her own routines. She's in year 10.

Does this sound like a medical condition? Or a mental health issue? Or neither, just something we have to live with? I want to help her but don't know where to turn.

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Bacardibabe Wed 07-Nov-18 00:42:27

Presuming she's getting enough hours sleep a night and its not just normal teenage sleep at this point? (where they stay up late and then sleep later cos of change in circadian cycle/hormones etc)

HJE17 Wed 07-Nov-18 00:43:19

How many hours of sleep is she getting? The bit about falling asleep in the afternoon sounds to me like she could be chronically sleep deprived. Try to see what happens if she gets 9-10 hours consistently every night for a few nights, which I think would be on the generous end of what a girl her age could need. No screens for an hour before bed, to help her get into a deep sleep sooner. If you’re still concerned, it might be worth talking to the GP to investigate further. Could be a quality of sleep issue too, like if she has sleep apnea or something. Or MH as you suggest... are there any other signs you think might point to depression?

If none of the above, she could just be growing and getting tired! Hope this resolves itself soon though.

NumbersLetters Wed 07-Nov-18 00:47:05

DH thinks she's not trying to sleep when she's theoretically in bed, and that it's just a lack of sleep.... she doesn't have any devices after bedtime, and won't read. She says she often takes hours to fall asleep. I think the answer at first is to try really hard to have a week or two of regular 9 hour nights. Then take it from there. Thank you for replying.

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Bacardibabe Wed 07-Nov-18 00:48:47

Before even considering a medical problem I would record the amount of hours she actually sleeps, what she does before bed ie tv or phone/ screens causing a delay before sleep plus google sleep hygiene. Just a suggestion. It might be an eye opener ( no pun intended)

Bacardibabe Wed 07-Nov-18 00:58:25

One of my dcs couldnt fall asleep too but is fine now. I read up on tryptofan containing foods which naturally help you fall asleep. Looked up loads of stuff on best temperatures for sleeping etc. Theres loads online. It seemed to resolve itself althou I did try several things milky drink bath all the usual obvious stuff. Also foods containing tryptofan which helps you sleep ( think was chicken/ cornflakes ironically but check that as I'm doubting myself now).

Bacardibabe Wed 07-Nov-18 01:01:15

Sorry looks like I repeated myself there! Ironically I need some sleep. Good luck anyway. Hope you resolve it.


NumbersLetters Wed 07-Nov-18 07:02:24

Thank you all - sound advice.

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