Getting bullied for accent?

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mirabelwallace Wed 10-Oct-18 18:26:13

Hello all,
I'm an English girl (born and raised in London), but I married a Scottish man and spent a considerable amount of time in Scotland. Our son Sandy was born there, and we stayed there until he was 15. He's got quite a prevalent accent (like his father), which is totally unlike the softer British accents of his new peers. We just moved to England, and kids are already tormenting him for his "burr", claiming they can't understand him and he should go back to Scotland. He's a strong, intelligent kid and not much bothers him, but I can tell this is getting under his skin. He used to like his accent, but I think he's trying to tone it down, which is proving to be difficult. I feel heartbroken for him; why are kids so unfriendly? Any advice?!! Thank you so much.

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mummabearfourbabybears Wed 10-Oct-18 18:46:14

How awful for him. We're the other way around. Have rather 'posh' English accents and moved to Scotland. Some children made rude comments but kids made friends well fortunately. Have you been into the school about it? Had some of the kids round for a pizza and film? Such a shame some children can be so bloody cruel.

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