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GulliversTravels123 Mon 08-Oct-18 12:14:34

I’ve changed my username

Hi, does anyone have any experience of a teenager with suspected ADHD.

He’s 13 and yet again been excluded from school for throwing water bombs at people. School have tried to support him but unfortunately he hasn’t responded well to anything.

I think he may have ADHD as he doesn’t respond to ‘normal’ punishments such as being grounded and having is stuff taken away. He can’t seem to grasp or understand consequences. He had an appointment to see Ed Psych tomorrow but as he’s excluded I’m not sure what will happen now?

He’s taking part in all sorts of dangerous behaviours - climbing out the window at night, vaping, drinking etc

I’m so worried about him but do not know what to do with him- what happens when he’s expelled? Anyone got any experience or advice please? I’m desperate ☹️

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emss55 Sun 21-Oct-18 01:32:15

Hi there so sorry your having to suffer this. My son was diagnosed with ADHD when he was very young 6/7 it was noticed at reception class. He could not concentrate in class, wandered about not wanting to sit down and join in. He was referred to paediatrician then a child psychologist then a child psychiatrist, was seen regularly at CAMHS. He was put on meds, I was at my wits end as school threatened permanent exclusion and I didn't want that so he started meds. The meds were ok until high school then he didn't want to take as he was very quiet on them and friends noticed this. All I can say is ask how school is going share your concerns with his form head maybe make appointment to see GP ask if he can be referred to CAMHS. My son is 18 now, a clever boy but could have done much better at school but chose not to. He has had some major problems since leaving school very easily led got into big trouble with drugs ending up in juvenile court cos of criminal damage I could go on and on. Please get help for him and yourself there are self help groups and forums out there for kids with ADHD. These kids are not stupid but if not helped can slip through the net and end up on a very different life pathway.

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