Son in bed all day n up all nite :-(

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Avalon777 Mon 08-Oct-18 10:53:47

I coyld really use some support. My sons 17 n is up all nite gamin n talkin to friends. He sleeps all day literally. Hes on an apprenticeship 3 days a wk but im still fed up with the other days. I cnt even spend quality time on my days off bcos he wont get up n hs no interest in anything. Hs dads a narcissist n messed him up after leaving sev times for which my sons tried therapy. He doesnt find it useful so I stopped tht. He cnt carry on like ths n I hv no family as theyre sadly deceased. Cud use sum support/encouragement

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Looneytune253 Mon 08-Oct-18 10:59:09

Could you switch off the internet at a certain time? Or just switch the power off at night perhaps? Tell him that’s how it’s going to be from now on.

BrokenWing Mon 08-Oct-18 22:38:01

Switch off wifi after a certain time. Sing while vacuuming outside his door in the morning. Give him some chores to do on his days off before the wifi is switched back on.

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