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When do teen boys start to shave?

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cricketmum84 Mon 01-Oct-18 08:34:22

At what age do most teen boys start shaving?
My 14yo DS has quite a noticeable moustache, not proper with hair like DH but quite dark but soft hair. He hasn't said anything about it but I can see it clearly. No chin or other facial hair yet.
I mentioned to DH that he should show him how to shave it but he thinks I'm being ridiculous and he is far too young!

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cricketmum84 Mon 01-Oct-18 08:34:58

That should say "proper wiry hair" not proper with hair!!!

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JustDanceAddict Mon 01-Oct-18 14:41:53

My ds is 14 and started shaving his moustache quite a while ago. He’s got a bit more facial hair now and shaved about once a week. If your ds has the downy moustache and it’s dark then it’s not unreasonable for him to shave it off. Ds looks much better without it!!

TamiTayorismyparentingguru Mon 01-Oct-18 14:54:29

DS is the same and he started when he was 13. Initially he only needed to shave every 3/4 weeks and then it slowly increased over time. He now still only shaves once a week at most (he’s 14 now)

BrokenWing Wed 03-Oct-18 21:32:50

Ds(14) has nothing noticeable to shave, whereas his friend who is 9 months younger has a black 'tache which really could do with coming off but his mum won't let him shave yet because he's only 14.

Id let ds do it whenever he wanted to, regardless of age, but probably with an electric razor.

PickAChew Wed 03-Oct-18 21:37:34

My 14yo has a face full of inch long wiry fuzz and refuses point blank to shave. 🦁

AppleKatie Wed 03-Oct-18 21:38:14

I work in a school and boys with tasches like that are told to shave as per the uniform policy.

So basically if he can see it, doesn’t like it or it contravenes the school uniform policy then he’s ‘old’ enough.

LooksBetterWithAFilter Wed 03-Oct-18 21:39:13

Ds1 is 12 and has the tache he did consider shaving but decided to leave it. I noticed today he has one beard hair like a proper beard hair shock

What do young boys start off shaving with? Wet shave or an electric razor?

Eve Wed 03-Oct-18 21:40:22

Eldest is19 and just about shaving youngest 16 and no sign of any facial hair.

user1486076969 Wed 03-Oct-18 21:40:23


weegiemum Wed 03-Oct-18 21:42:11

Ds started shaving at 13.5 I think - he's 16 now and shaved about once a week or if he's going to his girlfriends house

cricketmum84 Thu 04-Oct-18 07:42:55

Thanks for the responses. I'm going to ask DH again tonight to show him how to shave it. I looked at him this morning while he was having breakfast and it is really noticeable. I wasn't expecting him to start getting facial hair so early!

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cricketmum84 Thu 04-Oct-18 07:46:19

@AppleKatie I didn't even think about the uniform policy! Definitely one to check.

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BiscuitDrama Thu 04-Oct-18 07:48:05

As soon as there’s something visible, I would think. What’s your DH’s thinking behind ‘too young’?

bonbonours Thu 04-Oct-18 07:49:28

I have no experience with teenage boys yet but agree that our school uniform code says boys must be clean shaven. I don't think there is a correct age to start shaving it just depends on the individual.

LillianGish Thu 04-Oct-18 07:57:18

DS is 15 and has just started shaving - just the bits where he has growth and not every day yet. I think it is a gradual thing - they are all different. Some of the boys in his class have no whiskers at all, one or two have a full beard if they left it to grow. DS is about average. He wet shaves like his father who had to teach him.

cricketmum84 Thu 04-Oct-18 08:29:03

@BiscuitDrama I think he is probably remembering when DS was 9 and "accidentally" shaved his eyebrows off 😂😂

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BrisaOtonal Mon 08-Oct-18 10:06:08

I came on here to ask about this too. My 13 year old DS is very dark and has a baby soft moustache. I don't want him to shave it off but was thinking if it would be OK to get it waxed? That way it will stay off for a while.

wijjy Mon 08-Oct-18 11:10:51

> but was thinking if it would be OK to get it waxed?

No, don't do this, it will look very strange, and potentially damage his potential to ever grow a moustache or limit his facial hair to a Goatee or Lincoln!

Better to get some sort of grooming kit (try boots) that can cut the moustache short without actually shaving it off. Will also work well with other straggly hairs.

Puts off the moment of actually shaving.

BrisaOtonal Mon 08-Oct-18 13:46:07

OK, thanks.

GooseDownCreek Mon 08-Oct-18 19:19:22

They vary a lot but often want to shave long before they actually need to. Very dark haired boys sometimes have facial hair at 10 whereas fair haired boys can be approaching 20 before they really need to shave.
My DSs were about 16 but only needed to shave every few weeks.
I got a cheap electric shaver to begin with and they moved on to a wet shave after a year or so.

WaxOnFeckOff Mon 08-Oct-18 23:23:17

It varies a lot but I'm shocked that schools have rules about it. DS2 now 17 has only recently shaved his beard completely off. He's had a beard of various length since 14. He shaves every couple of days. DS1 18 only shaves occasionally and has a beard but he was a bit later than DS2. One of DS2s friends had a full beard at 13 and some of his friends don't have anything at 17.

LuggsaysNotaWomen Mon 08-Oct-18 23:31:27

My 13 year old has a soft haired tache. We haven’t broached the idea of shaving with him yet but might once he turns 14. He’s not bothered by it and the school haven’t said anything so I’m not going to push him into needless grooming yet it’s hard enough to get the stinky fecker to shower every day as it is.

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