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15 year old drunk?

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Bayleaf25 Sat 15-Sep-18 23:37:45

It’s the first time our 15 year old (year 11) has come home drunk. Been sick several times, trying to sober him up before sleeping. I’m not really sure how to react, how to discourage future unhealthy drinking habits, any sanctions to impose? Or whether to let it go as a one off learning experience? Would be interested to hear views of other parents of older teenagers?

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iamapixiebutnotaniceone Sat 15-Sep-18 23:39:43

Make sure he is ok tonight and enjoy banging around loudly and ensuring he cleans up after himself early tomorrow whilst he is enjoying his first hangover wink

SilverHairedCat Sat 15-Sep-18 23:42:28

Oh dear! See what the hangover is like and judge from there. Hopefully it will be an epic one and he'll regret the booze and swear off it 😂

In all seriousness though, do you have a stance you already take on drinking?

Metaplasia Sat 15-Sep-18 23:58:52

He won't have a hangover, he's 15! I did something similar when I was 15 too. The look on my mum's face when I woke up the next morning was punishment enough tbh

aperolspritzplease Sun 16-Sep-18 00:06:24

Oh he's 15, don't rant, pull the 'I'm so disappointed in you' card. That'll put him off doing it again.

sirmione16 Sun 16-Sep-18 00:13:42

Hopefully he can't remember some of the night - then use this to tell him some awful embarrassing stories of "what he did" something you know he'll be mortified about grin

Rebecca36 Sun 16-Sep-18 06:21:50

Quite normal for a 15 year old. Unfortunately. They soon learn not to.
(Better he is at home with you than being sick on a minibus following a school trip to Granada Studios where he propped up the bar in the Rovers. That was mine aged 15.)

Bayleaf25 Sun 16-Sep-18 08:20:31

Thanks everyone, he’s still sleeping at the moment. We have allowed one beer on the odd occasion at home (only in the last 6 months). Stricter rules haven’t really come up as he hasn’t shown much interest in alcohol and has been pretty sensible on the whole.

Hopefully a chat about the dangers of binge drinking and not being in control will be enough. I think I’ll also keep his phone with me while he knuckles down with some revision this week (he can have it in between times if he can prove he’s working).

I suppose this was always going to happen sooner or later and as you say better he is at home with us. A close eye is needed me thinks wink. Thanks everyone.

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BigusBumus Sun 16-Sep-18 14:48:37

I have year 11 boys. They are very much part of the "In" Crowd at school - the sporty, popular, good looking lot that have a party every weekend it seems. hmm

They used to get absolutely hammered and were sick etc, but now they have pretty much self-regulated and just have a couple of Koppabergs and a beer maybe in a whole evening of partying. So that's 3 drinks in about 5 or 6 hours. They get a cab home, usually eat some cereal and go to bed. No more sickness or hangovers.

We have talked about it at length, explained dangers etc. Our boys are open and honest and fairly good talkers. I know drinking at 15/16 isn't ideal, but if they're going to do it I'd rather they were honest about it.

For example up to recently they had no idea that a pint of vodka was different to a pint of lager. They thought it was exactly the same thing in terms of getting you drunk. I explained in details about alcohol percentages and units and they were amazed that one tiny shot is the same as one small can of Bud for example. Parents never seem to tell their kids these kind of things and then are horrified when they drink a bottle of vodka and pass out.

Please chat to your son about the different alcohol levels and educate him, don't just tell him off.

Bayleaf25 Sun 16-Sep-18 15:22:11

Thanks Bigusbumus, will do.

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