17 year old daughter (is don't want to see her )

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LOUSTEVE14 Sat 08-Sep-18 22:35:17

This all started when she was 14 skipping class and telling lies like my husband was having sex with his boss then she told me she had bipolar until I went with her to the doctors and then she changed it to two teachers had said she may have bipolar. Stealing from me, having the police at the door for not coming home and because the other child's parents would say she could stay at there house so the police left her there. Then one time she told someone she was on a bridge all by herself, Police was out looking for her and it turned out she was at the house i been to 10 mins earlier in the day. At the age 15 She told police I had hit her so she could go into care, social services set up different things in place to improve her behaviour, yet things still when on and she moved out to her dad's 14 months ago. Her dad never had any real contact with her since she was 8 years old, He left her in the bath because she was not ready, I've got called a bad mum all over facebook from him saying he sat outside our house saying that i should of died with her putting a smiley face on all his comments and statues related all towards me. When i first saw her after she moved out, she told me she knows her dad raped me and she said she's with him for his revenge on me, the nasty things kept on so i called the police. her dad was questioned by police and she was also questioned but she and rushed into hospital by the police this what she told me . police officer said they never met my daughter ..Up until four months ago I stopped seeing her after she told me that her dad had said he makes jokes about me being killed ..I don't understand why she would still be with him after when she knows what he's done and still doing now .

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 09-Sep-18 08:53:21

I’d call Family Lives and talk it through with them.

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