Streaming music without wider internet in the bedroom

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Mimi40 Tue 04-Sep-18 16:55:36

My two children both like streaming and listening to music in their rooms. This is great, except it messes up our simple and useful 'no screens in the bedroom' rule, which I feel is pretty important. Is anyone aware of devices that will allow music streaming without access to the internet and gaming? Or do we have to tell them it's CDs only in bedrooms? TIA.

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TheDuckSaysMoo Tue 04-Sep-18 16:58:23

How about an Alexa or Google home? I tend to use Alexa to stream throughout the house. Be warned, the small ones - the dot - aren't great speakers, but I understand they can Bluetooth to propper speakers. The big alexa sounds fine.

Mimi40 Tue 04-Sep-18 17:51:23

Aha! That sounds worth exploring. One of them has his own Bluetooth speaker. They look cheaper than I though as well. Thanks. x

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lindsay29 Thu 13-Sep-18 09:20:52

Hello,I solved this problem with Roberts radio from John Lewis that streams Spotify etc.Its been brilliant.

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