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Walked in ds1s room to investigate the noise upstairs after he'd gone to bed and I do wish I hadn't

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weebleswobble Wed 06-Jun-07 21:55:58

From now on I knock. I have learned my lesson. Boys need privacy even if you think they're asleep. I will never enter his room again without knocking. Never, ever again.

He apologised, I made out I hadn't seen anything and beat a hasty retreat.

Tomorrow do I make out like I never walked in the room or do I tell him it's perfectly natural and everyone does it?

Anoush Wed 06-Jun-07 21:59:17

oh dear!

See how he reacts, you could make a joke about knocking next time, that way your sort of saying its a natural thing.

mears Wed 06-Jun-07 21:59:29

Apologise for walking in without knocking then leave it. I never go in my boys' room without knocking I have to say. How old is he?

weebleswobble Wed 06-Jun-07 22:02:33

He's 13 and been investigating techniques on the internet - he knows I can see what he's being doing on the internet because I have a programme on his computer that records everything, so I was thinking talking about it might be the right thing to do.

Loshad Wed 06-Jun-07 22:07:10

I don't knock but I do go upstairs very loudly when intent on entering their rooms.

tissy Wed 06-Jun-07 22:08:51

investigating techniques??

blimey, thought it was the sort of thing that came naturally

weebleswobble Wed 06-Jun-07 22:12:06

Tissy - there's a whole new world out there lol. I found out all sorts of stuff I never knew

Trinityrhino Wed 06-Jun-07 22:15:31

never thought that there would be so much about how to do it available online lol

I cant be the only person who has just googled 'how to masturbate'

oh god please say I'm not lol

<panic emoticon>

fireflyfairy2 Wed 06-Jun-07 22:16:22

How many diff ways is there?

Can just imagine what to type into google

weebleswobble Wed 06-Jun-07 22:16:23

Well, I don't need to so you're on your own lol

KerryMum Wed 06-Jun-07 22:17:19

for you and ds!

Oh the joys I've to look forward to!

EllieK Wed 06-Jun-07 22:17:19

is this what i have to look forward to as a mother to 2 boys?

weebleswobble Wed 06-Jun-07 22:18:51

Trinity - you'll go blind! <removes thick lens glasses and pretends vision is fine>

greatbigonion Wed 06-Jun-07 22:19:07

oh god...i had a slightly less technically obvious moment with my nearly 10 year old last month...after reading tis he is *not * having a pooter in his rooom. .And he will wear boxing gloves to bed

tatt Wed 06-Jun-07 22:19:54

you should apologise for entering his room without knocking. Apart from that I'd be inclined to leave it or let his dad have a chat. I have threatened my daughter with watching the joy of sex but she's horrifeid. My son will be left to his father to educate (although I may leave a few books around )

elsieanjoanne Wed 06-Jun-07 22:21:18

Explain its a perfectly normal thing to do, and apologise for not knocking! good luck

weebleswobble Wed 06-Jun-07 22:25:12

lol at boxing gloves - that might be something to add to the list of techniques

lyrabelacqua Wed 06-Jun-07 22:27:58

Let his dad have a word with him. He'd be mortified talking about it to his mum.

lyrabelacqua Wed 06-Jun-07 22:27:59

Let his dad have a word with him. He'd be mortified talking about it to his mum.

rantinghousewife Wed 06-Jun-07 22:29:17

Yes, been there with my 13 yo and tbh, I wouldn't mention it again, if you do, he'll probably be embarrassed. No need to compound it.
We're a fairly open family but, I think some things are just between a boy and his hand iyswim.

NikkiBFG Wed 06-Jun-07 22:30:13

This reminds me of the masturbation is normal talk at school....teacher said and no, it doesn't make you deaf or which point all the kids turned and looked and me....

I'm proundly deaf y'see.....

Hmm...glad school is over for me!

handlemecarefully Wed 06-Jun-07 22:30:30

Oh weebles - what a conundrum!

hatwoman Wed 06-Jun-07 22:33:54

a couple of weeks ago I had a particularly raucous dinner where 3 women in their mid-late 30s were told all the intimate details by our 3 dhs about what it's like to be a teenage boy. it was the most enlightening conversation I've had for years (I really didn;t think there was much left for me to learn - I was amazed how much there was). Quite a bit of the conversation focused on the role of mothers and (sorry...) messy sheets. The impression I got was as a mum you should 1. say nothing - anything at all is mortifying. 2. don;t make their bed. 3. tell them what days are wash days and get them to strip their own bed.

weebleswobble Wed 06-Jun-07 22:34:18

Ok, so consensus is let his dad deal with it. That lets me off the hook nicely. We talk about most things openly but I could live without this one.

Malaleche Wed 06-Jun-07 22:34:32

rofl at nikki - thank god none of the other kids at my school realised i am deaf!

there was another 'caught my teenage son wanking' thread on here recently...

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