Don't know what to do!

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mariagreene Tue 21-Aug-18 03:15:37

Hello all,
My cousin and her Romanian husband are separating (we're British) because she has decided to move to America on her own. I've formally adopted her 17-year-old half-Romanian son, and we've been close, but he's not nearly as comfortable with me as he is with his father, and he just told me he wants to go Romania to live with him. His father is a nice, responsible man and I like him well enough but I want my cousin's son to stay with me because I worry about how he'd handle life in Romania. England and Eastern Europe are worlds apart; I need some advice! It's a bit of a mess right now! Thank you!

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JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 21-Aug-18 18:45:04

That sounds like a complicated one. Why didn’t he go to America with his DM?

8FencingWire Tue 21-Aug-18 19:04:32

Let him go, but leave the door open. Unless he still needs to do his A levels. School first, then he can do whatever he wants. He’s only got one more year before he gets to be an adult anyway.

Knittedfairies Tue 21-Aug-18 19:07:45

I agree with 8FencingWire, especially about leaving the door open for him to change his mind.

Singlenotsingle Tue 21-Aug-18 19:10:27

Let him give it a try. He's bound to be interested in the other half of his family's life. He might be back sooner than you know.

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