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Recommendations for style of glasses for 14 year old DS

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sydenhamhiller Fri 10-Aug-18 10:54:08

Hi - I'd be so grateful for some recommendations for glasses frames for my 14 year old. He is going through a very self-conscious phase so hates the 'fuss' of picking new glasses, and thinks he 'looks stupid' in everything. I know having your mum hovering, suggesting frames makes it worse, so have tried standing to one side pretending to look at my phone but it is soooooooo painful, bless him.

He needs some new frames, and doesn't know what he wants. Have tried googling, but slightly overwhelmed. What's in vogue? Round frames? Chunky plastic or think metal? Any tips gratefully received...

Fatjilly Sat 11-Aug-18 18:32:39

Lots of opticians have ‘try on’ service on the website. Upload photo of boy and then try different frames smile

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