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Kaywillow12 Wed 25-Jul-18 21:24:54

My son is 14 year old and can be a pleasure at times at the moment he is hanging around with a boy who is older then him not by much.but they stole my car and took it for a drive I involved the police and told our son he can't hang around with this boy. He has gone behind my back had him stay at my house brought him in was I asleep found out today he Is suspected of taking drugs and dealing 'm lost at the minute and don't know how to stop my son being with him. Our son says we hate him which is not the case please anyone got any advice desperate

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GeorgeIII Thu 26-Jul-18 07:23:48

Sorry not sure what you should do but will bump this. Someone will have something helpful to say.

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 26-Jul-18 22:10:43

That must be so worrying for you OP. Do you think he’s taking drugs himself? Have you talked to Frank?

Kaywillow12 Fri 27-Jul-18 09:11:25

I'm unsure which seems so wrong as I'm his parent. He doesn't get lot of money and nothing is Going missing. I hope he isn't. I have lost trust in him and he says he hates us and we don't love him and we are trying to control him I'm at my whits end I have no idea were to start

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JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 27-Jul-18 15:12:25

Sorry Kay apparent from offering sympathy, which won’t be of any use to you, I can’t offer any practical advice. The only thing I can think of is calling Family Lives thanks

FaithLoveofGod Fri 27-Jul-18 17:19:30

Have you tried speaking to this friend of ds and advise his friend of the consequences (getting police involved etc). Also I would try to speak to the other boys parents if needed and see if they can do something about it. I understand Kay it must be really hard to see your ds getting into trouble because of someone. But if he is not taking drugs or dealing with drugs then hopefully he is sensible. He is just enjoying the feel of being an adult (in a way). I would try to keep his time busy by engaging him with sports or some other activities he likes. I have a ds 15 years and going through rough patch as well (refusing to do anything other than play on xbox and mobile) so I understand. Praying for your son and hoping things get sorted out soon. Good luck!

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