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High functioning Autistic teenager either sleeping or gaming

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Hobbled Sun 22-Jul-18 07:55:48

My son is 17 and on his summer holidays, he has been trying for a year to get a job without success. Already his sleep pattern is skewed and he sleeps all day and games all night. I set the hub to go off at a set time at night but he uses his phone as a hot spot and carries on or hacks the hub anyway. If I take his technology away he goes into a deep depression and will just sleep or gets very agitated and angry. I work full time and am a single parent so find it hard to enforce rules when I am not there. He is not a social person, does not like going out as he finds it stressful - has Aspergers, has no other hobbies or interests. I have a 12 year old daughter and he turns on her nastily if he is not allowed on technology so I have to be careful how I tread especially not being there to supervise during the day. I am at my wits end with what to do.

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