Teenagers and pocket money

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angelcake03 Sat 23-Jun-18 16:23:10

Eldest son is 17 and has just finished first year of college, second year starts in September. We are going away in August and youngest son has saved up over £200 from a job he has on as Friday and Saturday evening. Eldest has refused to get work, despite being offered 10hrs a week in the evening, but still expects pocket money and for us to subsidise his holiday spends. I have refused to give him spends for holiday as youngest has earned his own but find myself becoming resentful over giving him any pocket money as he refuses to work because he wants to 'chill' ffs. I would appreciate any advice or suggestions on how to resolve this apathy towards working. Tia.

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PrincessMargaret Sat 23-Jun-18 16:41:12

I would give both of them pocket money equally (obviously according to your budget) but would not supply extra if he had the chance to earn some but couldn't be arsed. Mine is supposed to cover holiday spending out of her allowance.

Fed Sat 23-Jun-18 16:48:44

I certainly wouldn't expect DC to spend their own money while on a family holiday where would be the incentive to earn then?

I agree, give both an allowance and let him see his sibling enjoying the money he has earned.

I used to give mine an allowance to cover clothes and entertainment.
When they got part time work it continued as they were still at school and only working a few hours.

Scotia46 Mon 25-Jun-18 22:09:54

My kids all got jobs around 16 and we only gave them money as a treat and stopped pocket money. But I can get your dilemma

BrownTurkey Mon 25-Jun-18 22:25:40

I would give holiday spends, so that his brother doesn’t end up subbing him or it spoiling the holiday. But limit the pocket money. In fact I would just give them the same as each other so saving is not penalised.

Plumsmith Tue 26-Jun-18 13:25:26

As a 17 year old (8 years ago) I received £20 a month as pocket money. If i helped my Grandad post leaflets for his business he would give me £20. At 16 i got a job at Sainsbury's and everything else i earned myself. If your ds doesn't want to work then he doesn't get spending/pocket money. No one will hand money to him when he's older and by doing it you are encouraging him to 'chill' even more. If i were your other son i would find it very disheartening if i had worked for my money and you were just handing it to him.

If you really want to give him money make sure you give your other son the same amount.

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