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17ry old fighting

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binbagmom Tue 22-May-18 14:37:44

Oh that dreaded phone call......DS 17 son called me at lunch today to tell me that he was in a fight with a boy in his year. It was on lunch not on school grounds. Apparently this other boy accused DS of throwing something at him, went up to DS was literally in his face, DS told this other boy to get out of his face and wouldn’t back down so DS shoved him out of the way and it all kicked off….
2 years ago DS was arrested for fighting with another boy, basically a pissing contest between the both of them and they were both arrested and cautioned now they Bessie mates believe it or not, now this incident has happened and of course I’m thinking its all kicking off again.

What is it with teenage boys ffs

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JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 23-May-18 07:07:27

They were both cautioned? How bad was the fight?

colditz Wed 23-May-18 07:12:12

Neither my son, my step son, or any of their teenaged friends have EVER been arrested for fighting. It’s not normal behaviour for anyone, including teenaged boys.

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