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Anger issues, ideas needed please!

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nicenewone1 Wed 18-Apr-18 19:16:31

He is 13 and such a lovely kid, but can explode at the slightest thing. Also does it at school and is extremely rude to pupils and teachers alike, often getting detention.

When he calms down he is always genuinely so sorry and is desperate to not do it again.

He is having counselling etc, but is there anyone out there with tips I can help him with at home?

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VerbenaBorensis Tue 24-Apr-18 23:43:04

Ask him about what makes him angry and let him know its ok to be angry but don't tell him what to do etc (think counselling rather than advisor) ask him how he feels after during being angry etc. Get him to suggest ways to expel the anger or just mention it and walk away to give him time to think. Not goin into it here now but helped me to deal with someone in a similar situation. Punchbags stress balls pillow bashing count to ten (not brill but works for dome) brisk walk. Good luck. Know that this is a bloody hard one. flowers

JustGiveMeTwoMinutes Tue 24-Apr-18 23:46:34

Have you read the explosive child by Ross w green? It has been a turning point for me

nicenewone1 Mon 30-Apr-18 20:25:47

Thank you both. I actually think I have a copy of the explosive child somewhere. Off now to look.

The punch bag option is good, but the it's anger at school that's been the problem.

I bought some L Thianine and Lemon Balm the other day. Completely herbal and suitable for children. The properties read amazingly well and great reviews on the net. Even if there's only a placebo effect it will be worth it! So far he says he feels calmer, but we'll see!

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