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Conflict between DS (16) and DP

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teaandcakesandwine Mon 26-Mar-18 16:21:36

DP has been working abroad since the start of 2012 and we (me, DD, and DS) joined him in 2016. DP has always had a sharp temper but since we moved back in with him, it’s got worse i think because the kids are now teenagers and he’s by sure how to cope (he did see them every holiday and some weekends before we joined him abroad). DD (now 18) has always been quiet and never a problem, but DS has always spoken his mind and can be a bit feisty. He’s jarred with DP, and now they really struggle to get on, with DP losing his temper all the time and DS refusing to do chores, revision, eat properly etc. They both expect me and DD to mediate and DD used to do it very well but has now ‘cracked’ a bit and will just leave the room when they argue (good for her). I don’t know how to cope with DS and DP, they won’t do counseling or anything like that.

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