How much to expect of a 15yo girl re domestic chores?

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Zippyzulu Thu 15-Mar-18 14:14:08

Dd is 15 and generally polite, respectul and keeps up with school work and some extra curricular activities but is permanently stuck to her phone and basically lives in her room, emerging mainly for school and meals.

I ask her to keep her bedroom and bathroom clean and tidy but she does the bare minimum and seems to think all her friends’ parents tidy their rooms for them. Surely this isn’t right?!

Should I really expect a teenager to keep her room tidy, dust, vacuum, change bedding and put dirty clothes in the wash basket? I normally give in every two weeks or so and clean it through then it’s messy/ disgusting again within a few days... empty cups, wrappers, unmade bed, used face wipes, wet towels etc etc.

I don’t ask her to do much else to help around the house other than occasionally watch youngest dd.

FWIW 11 yo ds keeps his room much tidier than her and even 5 yo dd will attempt to keep her room tidy without prompting!

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GeorgeHerbert Thu 15-Mar-18 15:59:52

My ds will keep his room relatively tidy, put clothes in wash basket, vacuum if I ask. I will change the bedding.
He also lays the table and takes out the recycling. He will nip to Sainsburys if I run out of something.
I think by 15 it is reasonable to expect a teen to contribute to running the household.

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