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help dont know what to do next!!

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coco18 Tue 13-Mar-18 18:44:50

I have a 16 year old daughter who had a boyfriend previously seemed lovely at first and this ended in her being in a domestic violence relationship police involved the lot this of course put a lot of strain on mine and my daughters relationship as she didn't see any wrong in how he treated her and it was all my fault things finally came to an end after a year she seemed to settle down but now shes started smoking cannabis hanging around with the wrong crowd and a boy is showing her interest who iv heard is no good, she has said how he uses girls for sex a young girl who he was with has only just had an abortion and he treated her very badly. Iv raised my concerns with my daughter but currently feel like i am war with her again.
It is such an important time she should be starting to revise but in the last 4 weeks has no interest just wants to hang around in parks with these group of boys who have been kicked out of school and no interest in education they sell drugs and hang around in gangs causing trouble...yes i know teenagers are not easy but im soo worried all i get back is i will be involved with who i want to be i dont need to ask your permission...i just dont know what to do if i leave her to do what she wants i hate to think what will happen? yet if i try and say no to her she just kicks off and it is making our relationship so hard we argue all the time, it is just myself and my daughter at home it has always been us and up until a couple of years ago we had a great relationship :-(

MyBrilliantDisguise Tue 13-Mar-18 19:25:51

That is so tough. What are her school friends like? Is there a young teacher she respects who could put a word in?

coco18 Wed 14-Mar-18 06:42:32

With regards to friends she only really has a couple of close friends she lost a lot of them when she was in the toxic relationship wasn’t allowed to see them kind of thing so the couple she does have 1 in particular is acting out the same as her smoking weed causing rows at home just to get out and not interested in gcse.
she lies about where she goes what she’s doing it’s so hard to just sit back and watch her get involved with another no good boy and mixed up in all sorts.

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Thu 15-Mar-18 08:53:33

That must be so hard. Have you spoken to the school?

coco18 Thu 15-Mar-18 17:38:18

Have not yet approached school, they were great previously as very involved during the abuse which was also happening in school, i think im so worried they would kick her out at the first mention of the smoking of weed that is the last thing i want to happen but i just not sure what steps to take if i even attempt to discuss it just ends up escalating and the threats of walking out and not coming home happen.. :-(

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