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Bullying teen

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Abiamber Wed 14-Feb-18 23:50:43

Does anyone else feel bullied by their teen? My dad is nearly 15 and awful to live with. She can be lovely but is usually moody., demanding and downright rude but still expects me to be available on demand. She does nothing in the house. Will not go to school unless she is driven there. Spends her whole time in her room. She eats all her meals in her room and will text me when she requires something delivered. This sounds so pathetic but I just give in to all her demands. I just can’t seem to say no even though I want to. One minute she is nice then she suddenly changes and demands I get out of her room shouting that she hates me and doesn’t want to live with me. This really hurts as I do everything for her including getting into debt to meet her demands. Why am I such a weak parent and how can I get out of this. I feel like I have no life and would walk out if I had the courage. Has anyone else been in this position and broken the cycle

Abiamber Wed 14-Feb-18 23:51:26

That’s dd not dad

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