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Teenage boyfriend

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foreverondiet Wed 14-Feb-18 09:00:51

Thanks for advice / help on earlier thread.

What sort of rules do you have in respect of teenage romances. DD is 14 and has a (first) boyfriend which is clearly very exciting for her.

Thinking about in our house - I don't know whether I should allow him into her bedroom and if so what the parameters are. So far she hasn't asked / it hasn't come up - he has been in living room watching films / chatting but with other friends as well.

Am very close to DD. Already had several conversations about physical stuff (not least as her school will teach an abstinence based approach), but given she has just kissed a boy for the first time probably all a bit abstract.

stressedoutfred Wed 14-Feb-18 09:50:43

Funnily enough I was scouring the teenager section looking for something about this this morning!

My DS (14) has recently got his first girlfriend, they've been friends through a mutual hobby for a few years. She's slightly older than him putting her in the year above ( he's older one in the year, she's a younger one)

They like spending time together, I've been leaving them to sit in DS's room with the door open, I've noticed when I've picked DS up from the young ladies house that he's always coming down the stairs from her room, so I'm guessing her parents are happy with that too.

If I'm honest I'm pretty new to all this! He's my eldest and I wasn't expecting girlfriends for another few years... blush. He's a lovely young lad, very polite and I've read him the riot act about how to treat a girl and he knows he can always talk to me- we're pretty close

Waiting to see replies to your post OP!

JDilla Thu 15-Feb-18 00:31:29

Honestly just let kids be kids and don't overthink it, let them be together and when they break up just be there for her and you can't go wrong.

TabbyTigger Sun 18-Feb-18 22:32:33

I’d say let them do whatever you’re comfortable with - you’re the one who sets the boundaries when they’re this age.

My DS didn’t get a girlfriend until 16 but I’m imagining if my nearly 14yo DD got a boyfriend soon I would say, once he’d been round for tea and we’d met him in group situations a few times, they could be in her room, but always with the door open (she shares with her sister anyway though!).

I think at this point it’s important to set rules but not be too rigid and strict - keep communication open and even if you don’t like him, pretend you do so she feels comfortable talking to you if anything happens/goes wrong.

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