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12 Year old Acne or Spots

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allglitteredout Thu 08-Feb-18 10:40:15

Hi, I'm after some advice for my 12 year old daughter. My daughter has developed quite a few spots on her forehead, nose and chin. It's making her so miserable, she doesn't want to go to school or talk to anyone and this is so unlike her. I really want to help her, I'm not sure if this is the start of acne though as she has a cluster of small pin pricks sort of spots on her cheeks although she has had these since she was 7 or 8. I don't want to go to the doctors as it could just be a few teenage spots so I'm prepared to try some over the counter products. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

Lovely456 Thu 08-Feb-18 10:42:15

I would go to the gp personally, Alot of these spot washes arent very good for the skin and can be very drying.

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Sat 10-Feb-18 13:33:53

I’d buy her a very gentle face wash and ask the Pharmacist what they suggest. If the over the counter preps don’t work, then I’d go to the GO, especially if it’s affecting her self esteem. This book might help too smile

saltandvinegarcrisps1 Sat 10-Feb-18 15:25:20

DD now 17 has has spots/ acne for past 4 years. What works for her is proactiv, surgical spirit and sudocrem. Doesnt take it away but definitely helps. Friends DD got roaccutane which worked really well but fortunately DD not that bad. It's such a horrible thing for them - to have it on your face at the most self conscious time of their lives - a cruel thing.

silver1977 Sat 10-Feb-18 15:35:41

My dd is 12 and suffering the same problem, she doesn't actually seem that bothered by them luckily, I however silently am as I suffered as a teen. I don't want her to be the same when she suddenly starts taking more of an interest in her appearance. I have made an appointment at the gp for a couple of weeks time as we have tried lots of over the counter stuff, I haven't told her yet though as we're trying a new cream at the moment and I'm hoping I might be able to cancel it wink. Recommended on MN and has mainly great reviews...La Roche Posay Efflacur duo. Got in Boots for £12 (25% off at mo too!) we are 1 week in and I can see a slight improvement. What I particularly like about it is it is non-drying, infact it seems to be making her skin lovely condition (in-between the spots) and the congestion has reduced. They did get worse days 1 and 2 I would say but I am hoping they will now reduce, she hasn't had any new ones since using it anyway. Maybe worth a try OP? If she is really upset about her skin definitely take her to the GP, it will lift her spirits actively trying something else to help. I sympathise with her, it is horrible. Look up the review for LRP Efflacur Duo though, sounds promising. flowers

allglitteredout Mon 12-Feb-18 22:19:12

Thanks for your replies and suggestions. I did try clearasil pads but they have just dried her skin out and the spots are still visible. I will have a look at La Roche Posay Efflacur duo and see if that makes a difference and I'm going to book an appointment for a few weeks times at our GP. I also suffered with spots when I was younger so know what she is going through. Thanks again xx

TeenagersandFurbabies Mon 12-Feb-18 22:26:26

Try Freederm Gel, it's what my 14 year old DD uses every night before bed. She uses tea tree cleansing wipes then apples a thin layer of Freederm. It keeps her skin mostly clear.

jo10000 Mon 12-Feb-18 22:28:53

Watching with interest.

allglitteredout Sun 18-Feb-18 09:34:43

I purchased La Roche Posay Efflacur duo on Friday and have been applying morning and night so shall see how we get on. It does have great reviews so I'm hoping this works for her. I will update for the sake of others going through what we are, it's heartbreaking to see my daughter so sad.

Titsywoo Sun 18-Feb-18 23:21:05

Watching with interest. Tried several creams from the GP which worked but caused her skin to go bright red and peel around her nose which looked worse than the spots! They gave her antibiotic pills but she couldn't swallow them (we tried everything!) so for now she is just using Simple cleanser and toner and a silver serum which seems to be calming them down a bit. She isn't really bothered so I won't take her back to the GP yet as she will just be referred for roaccutane. I had bad spots and roaccutane did help but they are quite full on so I don't want to put her on them unless I have to.

othership Mon 19-Feb-18 02:43:26

SDD used the la roche stuff and it worked wonders she was told by GP if spots are on face along with the back or chest then it was acne but not sure if that’s all cases. She’s 20 and it’s been years since she’s had fully clear skin!

Ivebeenaroundtheblock Mon 19-Feb-18 03:25:02

don't dilly dally with over the counter stuff, go straight to a gp and ask for a dermatologist referral.
in this day and age there is no need for spots/acne/loss of self confidence.

AbsolutelyCorking Mon 19-Feb-18 04:39:36

I disagree actually, it’s good to see if milder treatments will work first rather than going all guns blazing to the dermatologist when they give roaccutane prescriptions out like candy nowadays. I’d rather have acne than liver damage and bowel cancer, it’s really strong stuff!

Cetaphil is a great gentle cleanser OP and she may find 5% acnecide gel works for her (can buy it in boots). If the spots are mainly on her chin it sounds hormonal, so if it gets really bad, spironolactone or the pill should be used instead of roaccutane anyway.

allglitteredout Tue 20-Feb-18 16:00:18

Yes I agree with you Corking, I'd rather give her something milder and hopefully this works. Have to say day 4 and its definitely calmed down with the cream. I did buy the cleansing gel to go with it as well, so she cleanses morning / night then I apply the cream for her. She looks better and seems happier.

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