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Teenager thief so stressed

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Stressedmumof2017 Mon 22-Jan-18 18:34:05

Hi all
I really really need some advice here, I received a message from a friend saying money had gone missing from their house, my daughter had been to a sleepover the previous night so the mother was messaging everyone's parents who had stayed that night, I searched my daughters room and low and behold found the money and found part of it, shocked was an understatment, so ashamed and disgusted by this! However my daughter told me that she wasn't the only one who took it even the woman's daughter did also, I took my daughter down to the house to give her part of the money and apologise profusely. However when we got there my daughter changed her story and said that it was just her! I told the woman the first account , and she asked her daughter and she lied ! However we left I had to deal with this situation at home, I spoke with the mother again a few times during the day another girl who stayed there has admitted her part in the taking of the money, now the mother knows it was all of them! However the girl has gone to school today and has told everyone that my daughter has stolen money from her mum! My daughter attends a different school but their campus joins a few times a month. The problem I have here is that one I am so ashamed with my daughter and can't believe I have a thief in my house, two, how she can be so gullible and believe that this person is a friend of hers, and how do I punish her ? She's almost 15 I can't believe it I believe I am in shock still , not a nice Thing to find out ur child is a thief! Any advice or support stories are so welcome ☹️

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User4949 Mon 22-Jan-18 21:03:53

i think I'd drop the friendship issue they've all been shit friends, for lying and for stealing from her mother. What sanction does your DD have for stealing ?

Stressedmumof2017 Mon 22-Jan-18 21:09:04

I have literally taken everything away from her, all forms of technology basically everything she likes. I have requested more schoolwork and made her rota of things I require her to do as she is grounded. I have had a chat with her and I think she is at the remorse stage but this is going to be a huge life lesson tocher you can't do that to people. So ashamed right now

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Iluvthe80s Mon 22-Jan-18 22:14:45

We've had to deal with my son stealing-from a shop-vodka. ironically he paid for the mixer!!! So i understand how you feel. BUT you have to remove yourself from feeling ashamed. it was your daughter who took the cash not you.

Have you discussed why she took it? It would be good to understand how it got to the stage that they all decided to take the cash.

sending you hugs!

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