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9 year old boobs pain

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KittyFoyle Thu 11-Jan-18 17:38:33

Hi my 9 year old is just starting to get breast buds - both sides little hard lumps under each nipple. My older daughter who is now 14 started around the same age (although still hasn't got her first period yet) and both found the nipple area v tender, v painful. GP says 'it will settle down' and to take ibuprofen - but it's been months and she's still very uncomfortable - particularly if she touches/leans against them. Teen big sister not v reassuring - gloomily. Small one asked when they stopped hurting and big one said 'they haven't yet' but I know it's been sore in fits and starts. Some growing, then some resting, then another growing spurt. So...nothing can be done to stop them growing up but I don't remember my own boobs being this sore at the same age (sore as hell while pregnant though!). Any tips to help them with the discomfort?! Thanks!

Candlelights Sat 13-Jan-18 08:50:09

I remember being just like that personally. I don't think it really stops until there's sufficient "padding" to protect the delicate parts. DD was the same and gave up her martial arts at that age partly because she kept getting bashed on her chest and it hurt.

A cropped top with a bit of light padding might help a bit. But mainly she'll just need to learn to avoid bumping that area

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