Jobs for a 15 year old

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Icanseethepigeon Sun 07-Jan-18 21:59:05

My DS is very keen to go on a school trip in July 2019 (summer he leaves school) which will cost £1500. The school suggests that the students raise the money for the trip themselves, so DS wants to find a regular source of income and is looking for a job.

Luckily he can walk to the local town or can bike to places but we're not sure what sort of places will take on inexperienced 15 year olds. I think he has to be 16 to stack shelves in a supermarket?

Anyone have any suggestions please? I've looked up the hours he's legally allowed to work and know of course that he can't work in pubs, what else though? Can he work in a shop?

There are lots of hairdressers nearby so I've suggested he becomes a Saturday boy in one but he's not keen!

To complicate things he's currently also doing DofE so some weekends need to be given over to those activities - would an employer mind if he let them know in advance?

He doesn't have any other hobbies or activities outside of home so working won't interfere and will get him out so I'm trying to help and encourage all I can.

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DampF0ggy Mon 08-Jan-18 14:27:01

Try making cakes, fudge and sell at fayres or car boot sales
Buy and sell stuff from car boot sales

gardening, car washing ?

Washing up in restaurant or hotel

Paper round

scrabbler3 Mon 08-Jan-18 15:01:56

He can get a kitchen/waiting job in a pub at his age. I think that supermarkets rarely take on under 16s but an independent shop might. My son's friend does a few hours in his uncle's chippy on a Friday night.

Babysitting could be an option?

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