They’re horrible! How can I help?

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flyingtnx Sat 16-Dec-17 14:14:56

DD18 is currently in bed balling her eyes out and we’ve tried everything. She’s never had periods that are too bad however they are irregular. She’s now spent the past 5 hours running too and from the bathroom, she says the cramps are excruciating to the point where she is crying, it has also given her side effects of diarrhoea and vomiting as well as hot flushes and dizziness We’ve tried everything this morning such as nurofen, paracetamol, hot bath, hot drinks, herbal tea, bananas, hot water bottles etc but isn’t budging

Does anyone have any remedies or can anyone tell me if this is abnormal for a period? I hate to see DD like this


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endofthelinefinally Sat 16-Dec-17 14:15:56

Has she seen her GP?

dementedma Sat 16-Dec-17 14:17:05

dd suffers like this - she is now 24. the pill or other hormone medication might be needed for your dd, it helped mine a lot.

Imfinehowareyou Sat 16-Dec-17 14:17:22

That sounds extreme and doubly so if she usually has bearable periods. I would ring 111 for their opinion.

jenthehen Sat 16-Dec-17 14:17:24

Possibly not what your DD would choose but at that age I found going for a run really helped and also lying on my back with my legs up against the wall.....

WunWun Sat 16-Dec-17 14:17:46

When did she last take the ibuprofen and paracetamol? And how much?

endofthelinefinally Sat 16-Dec-17 14:17:46

Also, a pharmacist might be able to recommend something.
Boots travel sickness tablets contain an antispasmodic, but do talk to the pharmacist first.


flyingtnx Sat 16-Dec-17 14:18:01

She has previously but was told nothing can be done. now can’t see again until Monday (if lucky due to it being hard to get appointments) with it being the weekend

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FrLukeDuke Sat 16-Dec-17 14:18:20

I feel for her. My periods were painless for the first two years but became so painful when i was 15. Hope the gp can recommend something

finnmcool Sat 16-Dec-17 14:18:59

Oh op that sounds dreadful for your poor DD.
If it's not usual, is it possible she has a winter bug that has coincided with her period?
I'm afraid I don't have any advice other than what you're doing, I'm sure someone wise will be along shortly to help.
flowers for your daughter.

flyingtnx Sat 16-Dec-17 14:19:25

It’s rare for her to have painful periods so I think it all coming at once is too much and a bit of a shock for her. She had 2 paracetamol when she woke up around 10am and 2 nurofen around 10 minutes ago

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WunWun Sat 16-Dec-17 14:19:25

Lol at going for a run with sickness and diarrhorea

endofthelinefinally Sat 16-Dec-17 14:20:31

Well it doesnt sound normal to me.
Maybe try a different GP.
There are things that can be done.
We arent living in the dark ages.
Poor kid.

WunWun Sat 16-Dec-17 14:20:33

Give it a chance for the Nurofen to work. They are always better at stopping period pain than paracetamol for me

Imfinehowareyou Sat 16-Dec-17 14:21:04

I feel I have over reacted from all the other posts. I have obviously been very lucky with my periods even when I thought they were bad. flowers for all you who suffer like this.

flyingtnx Sat 16-Dec-17 14:23:15

Hopefully the nurofen will help and isn’t coming back up with the vomiting. Feel awful as I have to leave her in an hour and go to work

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scotchpie Sat 16-Dec-17 14:23:23

Hot water bottle might help

NapQueen Sat 16-Dec-17 14:25:39

Once she is better she should go to the family planning clinic and get on the pill. It will regulate her cycle and wont be a period bleed but a pill bleed.

flyingtnx Sat 16-Dec-17 14:26:07

Tried hot water bottle along with hot baths too but not helping unfortunately fenvy

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flyingtnx Sat 16-Dec-17 14:33:56

pill isn’t an option as DD and her boyfriend are trying for a baby, got help her through pregnancy and labour if the periods are this bad confused

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ArtisanBaps Sat 16-Dec-17 14:35:09

Defo keep a close eye on her while she is at this stage (the next 12-24 hours) - I again had no issues until I was 15 then overnight I started with horrendous pain, fever, diahorrea and vomiting most months.

But I also used to pass out with the pain even when lying down and my parents found me in bed unconscious once and I had been vomiting.
It lasted until I had my first child at 32. I regularly had to pull off motorways etc so I could lie down in the car, ended up in the medical room at Alton Towers once, screaming with pain.

Mine was worst for the first 24 hours so hopefully this will be the case for your dd. Hot water bottle was quite comforting. There is medication available- mefanemic acid and tranexamic acid. You’ll have to encourage her to keep a period diary as they need to be taken beforehand. Mine were irregular, so tablets of limited use. Contraceptive pill better as causes lighter bleeding but also caused me to faint and throw up !!!

Also make sure her school knows too that if she says she is not well she needs to be taken seriously; painkillers to be administered, toilet pass etc. but accompanied by staff if she does become prone to fainting.

Hope it passes soon.

WunWun Sat 16-Dec-17 14:39:02

Are her periods normally this painful? Is she sure this isn't a miscarriage if they're trying for a baby?

revelsandrose Sat 16-Dec-17 14:39:13

If her periods are irregular and she is trying for a baby is it possible this could be a miscarriage. Sorry to be the voice of doom, I think she should definitely be checked over by a professional thanksfor you and your dd x

flyingtnx Sat 16-Dec-17 14:41:57

She has taken a number of tests the past few months all have been negative with no symptoms but it is something to think about as was never considered. Boyfriend is going to come over to stay with DD whilst I’m at work and are going to call 111 to see if it’s a possibility.

I do hope that’s not the situation but will hopefully get an answer

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endofthelinefinally Sat 16-Dec-17 14:42:00

Oh dear. I agree with pp wondering about miscarriage.
When was her last period, and was it normal?

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