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talking to teenagers about sex and relationships

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dhiverse Tue 28-Nov-17 14:48:47

Please take a second to fill out this short survey for a Cambridgeshire charity called Dhiverse. We are hoping to develop tools or courses for parents to support them in having positive conversations about these topics and need your advice about where to start!

corythatwas Sat 02-Dec-17 10:58:00

Like many surveys, it's a bit difficult to know how to answer some questions due to phrasing. "Do you feel confident"- my young teen has a particularly fine line in "I am just avoiding sneering so I won't get punished but don't for a moment believe I want to have this conversation or am going to take any of it on board" that means nobody can feel confident in engaging in any serious conversation with him. It is a response to having lived with disability and MH issues in the home. But a) it is not particularly related to sex b) it doesn't mean his dad and I don't keep persevering c) the kind of help we would need would not be offered by a sexual health charity. Otherwise I would fill in the survey but am afraid any honest responses (no, I don't feel bloody confident!) would skew your survey.

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