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Six models London - DS been invited for shoot - legit or not ?

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LottieandSeth Thu 09-Nov-17 18:39:56

DS 17 applied to be a model through Six Models in London. They called me today and explained he’s just what they are looking for (yeah yeah) and they want him and me to go to London for a four hour shoot.

They are asking for a £50 deposit which they say will be refunded when we turn up. They’re saying that we won’t be charged for any pictures.

They’ve made it clear that they are a modelling platform not a modelling agency . ( not entirely sure what that means).

Anyone dealt with this company before ?

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ooodile Thu 09-Nov-17 18:59:19

If your son has the correct stats to be a model, you should consider going through a reputable agency such as ModelsOne, Elite, Select Model Management etc.

It won't cost him anything to apply (sending in a headshot) and if they think he has any potential they won't be slow in letting you know.

I wouldn't go through any platforms, and pay anything upfront. It's unusual to be booked into a 4 hour shoot like this, and I'd think you'll be pressured into buying "portfolio shots".

If any of the agencies think he could be a model on their books, they'll arrange free test shots with photographers and from the results of those and the feedback, he might make it onto their New Faces boards.

You just need to Google Six Models Reviews to see it's not the best route for a wannabe model to take. Stick to the big agencies and take their criticism / feedback on board.

If he's under 6'0", it's doubtful he'll be accepted in a high fashion agency (unless his looks are unusual, exactly on trend or he has something very special) but a commercial agency might be interested.

LottieandSeth Thu 09-Nov-17 19:58:08

Thank you. He is obviously keen but I’m not willing to go to London for this shoot and get his hopes up if it comes to nothing .

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Lovemenoooooww Thu 09-Nov-17 20:06:47

It’s a typical scam. They own the studio and want you to purchase lots of silly photos. The only photos a young model needs initially are Polaroid’s/digitals (basic face pic and full body shot in basic clothing) that are taken at home or at the agency and cost nothing.

What you’ve described is a well known scam. This photo shoot won’t get your son anywhere in modelling. It’s not needed.

LottieandSeth Thu 09-Nov-17 21:18:34

We’ve had a god look online at reviews and some dodgy looking you tube videos. Funnily enough we are not going to pursue it

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