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Kath36 Thu 09-Nov-17 14:27:23

Ok here goes. I have a dd she is 14 and woke up at the start of year 9 a completely different child. She was once a happy but shy child now she is a monster. Endless exclusions and finally expelled from her school as has most of her new friends. Without going into the full story this past year has been hell. I struggled on tried councilling for her tried being her friend that failed. Tried being hard on her that failed to. After a year of everything I finally pleaded with her father to help. He did and she went to live with him which broke my heart and I'm still struggling with randomly crying everywhere and anywhere stupid I know but I miss her. We thought things would change when she went to a new school and made new friends. However she will now do anything not to go to school and now her father is finding it hard to cope. She can be rude nasty and selfish mainly aimed at me in truth. Last few weeks we have got on better and have had some really nice phone calls. However I can't stop worrying about the school situation. Does this ever end people keep telling me she will see sence in the end. Just what does it take to make her realise she is screwing her life up. I'm devastated she won't listen. I'm now anxious about spending time with her for fear of what mood she will be in. Please someone help with suggestions I'm so down all the time over her.

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