It's all about me me me... don't you just love 'em when they're like this...?!

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PingPongBat Mon 06-Nov-17 17:51:50

Don't you just love the 'it's all about me' moments? wink

I asked DD (15) whether she thought DS (17) would like us to get him helium number balloons to mark his birthday as she's quite a good judge of that sort of thing. Then she asks 'what are we doing on his birthday?' & I said we might go out or I might cook his favourite meal at home. This is where the conversation takes a turn for the worse...

Apparently if we go out for a birthday meal that's not what DD wants: "oh no... can't we stay in because I've been out for SO many meals recently I haven't got room for any more food' ... as she scoffs a waffle hmm

DD then asked what he's getting for his birthday. This is where I make mistake no. 2... by telling her we might buy him a particular model of Bluetooth speaker... which she then tells me she wants for her birthday in about 2 month's time.

Apparently if he gets the model she wants that's SO UNFAIR that he gets "the exact same one" that she asked for before she does. SO UNFAIR hmm

And of course I haven't learned my lesson - I should just walk away at this stage as she's obviously got a total cob on - but I suggest that it's not exactly 'unfair' that he gets the speaker before she does, anyway he might even want a different one, plus I've only just found out she wants the same one I've been looking at... (yes, yes, I know I should have shut up well before this point... grin) but I can see it might be a bit annoying/frustrating.


Lovely grin.

< Reaches for wine >

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MyKingdomForBrie Mon 06-Nov-17 17:53:34

Laugh at her ridiculousness, all you can do!

Fragglewump Mon 06-Nov-17 17:54:08

4 teens here. Lovely one minute hideous the next. wine

JustDanceAddict Mon 06-Nov-17 18:11:48

Totally sympathise. So what my two would be like!! Sounds like your dd doesn’t want your ds to get the attention.

PingPongBat Mon 06-Nov-17 18:29:14

Blimey "Fragglewump I have enough trouble with 2!

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Fragglewump Mon 06-Nov-17 18:31:49

Ping pong - it’s not enough for me I foster too! confused

dubdub17 Mon 06-Nov-17 18:46:07

16 yr old dd1 here (with 12 yr old sibling).

Me: (having slaved over hot stove tonight having worked all day): can ‘12 yr old’ clear the table please? Great. Can ‘16 year old’ place dirty dishes (about 6) in the dishwasher please?

Dd1: but why is it always ME?! It’s SO UNFAIR.


SleightOfMind Mon 06-Nov-17 18:57:38

DS as I get in from the little ones’ school run today:
‘Hi mum, good timing, I made you a cup of tea.’
Immediately followed by baiting his 4 yr old brother so badly he’s in tears, calling his little sister fat (amongst other things) and teasing the dogs.
Cue outraged flounce that I’m such a ‘grumpy old cow when he’s even made me tea!’

wine indeed.

lljkk Mon 06-Nov-17 21:55:59

DS comes home to visit for 5 days from the Army (first visit in 6 weeks). It's his birthday so we're drinking Prosecco.. Been in the house for an hour. Teen DD keeps shouting that she NEEDS me to help her, answer a question, do this, do that, answer another question... it's all pathetic sibling rivalry crap. Can't stand the return of attention rival.

PingPongBat Mon 06-Nov-17 22:08:24

dubdub17 that made me LOL - thank you!

lljkk - oh dear that sounds really stressful sad

DD has been as sweet as pie now that she's eaten...

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