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Doogle1 Tue 31-Oct-17 19:35:53

My teen is 16 and has been referred to tamhs, he mentioned to me 6 months ago how he felt angry all the time and didn't know why, me thinking it was hormones basically told him to hang in there it's probably a phrase and will pass, He was angry towards me a lot but again thought it was an age thing but over the last week he asked me if I'd make an appt for him to go to drs, he says he feels angry all the time, it's not his hormones and nothing going on in his life (he says), what I do know is his grandad is ill with cancer, and I know he's been angry towards his gf, anyway the dr told me to try school, after an assessment they've referred him to Tamhs, just after a bit of advice on how to support him and not be the over protective mother, I'd just got to the point of giving him a bit more freedom since he hit 16 but i seem to be panicking every time he goes out Now wondering if he's ok 🙁

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