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Connecting with teenage DDs

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Wotrewelookinat Sun 29-Oct-17 07:56:49

My DH is finding the teenage years hard in that he is feeling a distance between himself and our 3 teenage daughters and doesn’t know how to connect with them anymore. They obviously spend quite a bit of time in their rooms when at home. Any suggestions please?

GetMeOut Sun 29-Oct-17 09:41:55

Find a box set they can enjoy together ? My DD and father ( who is ex DH ) discuss the walking dead and play chess on line together ( slightly different I know ) but I have been pleased that they have managed to find something in common. It's not easy.
I connected with my father when I was a teen through sport. I still watch Match of the Day as it reminds me of him ....

PurplePumpkinHead Sun 29-Oct-17 10:19:45

They need to find something they can do together. Cinema, a sport, whatever works for them. And chat in the car about random stuff on the way to/from. Side by side talking works great for teens. Just don't talk about homework, revision etc.

BackforGood Sun 29-Oct-17 23:08:41

What Purple said. Talking en-route to hobby (or anything else they are being driven to) is far more comfortable for teens than specific 'set up' chats.
If it is a shared interest - sport, music, etc., it gives a base for the conversation and free flow of chatter without pressure. As, indeed, does eating together every night, as a habit (not sure how well it would work if you haven't done that historically though).
Mine have all always loved a bit of 1:1 time too - nipping out for lunch where their siblings aren't there, etc.

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