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Would this be fair in the circumstances?

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keeponworking Sat 28-Oct-17 00:02:13

Hi all

I've got two children one 15 and one 18. Both of them completely able bodied and without any disability of any kind, physically fit and perfectly capable in many areas.

I on the other hand am not!

I've been trying to take things easier on my good self because I've years of lots and lots of pressures and stresses which have taken their toll on my energy levels and motivation in the home, and the housework has slipped. Not being able to afford to get various DIY jobs finished also adds to the general feeling of god, what a waste of time cleaning is.

Added to this for weeks now (many weeks) I've had a bad back on my right hand side then, 3 days ago, I made the mistake of placing an oven tray back in the oven and the left hand side of my back just went and was bloody excruciating and put me in a worse state than I'd even been in with the other side!

The very movements required to clean - bending forward, bending forward while twisting, moving items whilst have to bend over - all that stuff, are just the bloody worst and I just can't do them. If I go to pick something up off the floor at the moment I have to sodding well plie my way up and down, my back just can't take it.

What I want to do is have a blitz on the house it all gets done and caught up in one go - bits and bobs at a time just doesn't work for me. But, due to the knackered back, I am going to have to have an entirely managerial role as 95% of it I just can't do because of the bending. I'm thinking of having a blitz next weekend for a few hours on Sat or Sunday, my two beloveds doing ALL the work.

After that it will be much easier for me to keep up and I'll only have to ask them to do bits and bobs for me in the week - but I can't get out from under this pile of housework to do that, unless I have help (and there is no one else).

Does that sound reasonable to folk?

PinkFinch Sat 28-Oct-17 04:34:36

Sounds perfectly fine to me. I bet they had a hand in creating all the mess?

How easy will it be to get them to do it? Will it involve a tiresome weekend of nagging? Is there a way you could incentivise them - e.g. payment? takeaway on Sat night?

If I was going to do this with my two reluctant helpers I think I'd need to get them 100% on board at the start - not easy but maybe do-able with much bribery.

keeponworking Sat 28-Oct-17 10:52:32

Thankfully if I - ask them they will do it without bribery too! So yes I won't need to beat them up or bribe. I think especially the 18yo (who has no job despite constant prodding and just sits on his ass playing video games all the time) should contribute in some way and help his old mum.

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