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dd 15 and no sign of periods ?

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fakeblonde Thu 12-Apr-07 16:02:50

DDis 15 .She has her secondary characteristics ect .
She is just over 8 stone.
All her friends have started their periods.Her sister has and shes only 12.I was 12 as was my mum ect.
Am not unduly worried but obviously would`t be writing this if i wasn`t a bit concerned.
Can anyone offer me some reassurrance.

bogwobbit Thu 12-Apr-07 16:08:27

Could it be that she maybe has started and hasn't told you.
I started mine when I was 13 but didn't tell my mum till I was 15 and only then because she kept going on about it - I just didn't think it was really her business.

fakeblonde Thu 12-Apr-07 16:23:42

No.She was really worried when she noticed some white discharge in her pants and showed me that.Shes very open and doesn`t seem concerned but i think she is because she gave me the pack of pads and nice little make up bag i bought for her to keep them in.

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Thu 12-Apr-07 16:29:42

How long has she had her other signs of puberty fakeblonde? I think they normally say that periods can appear up to five years after the first signs; periods usually being the last thing to happen.

Maybe take her off to the GP if you're worried. They'd probably do a blood test for hormone levels to begin with.

jalopy Thu 12-Apr-07 20:48:11

My sister didn't start her periods 'til she was 17.

aig Wed 18-Apr-07 06:46:06

It would be worth going to see her Dr. Usually this is just delayed puberty but most paediatricians would like to see a 15yr old with primary amenorrhoea (= no periods yet). They are likely to examine her and do some blood tests just to check everything is proceeding OK. Has she stopped growing yet? Girls usually have there growth spurt just before their periods start.
Sorry, not a reasuring post,really...

israel Wed 18-Apr-07 06:57:15

I wouldn't worry too much...Like the poster before...I too didn't start my periods until I was 17yrs old...
It can vary from as young as 8 to 18...most being around 12-13-14

matilda57 Fri 25-May-07 15:15:52

My twin started her periods when she was 16. Didn't have any boobs before then either. She HATED that - particularly as I got going on all fronts at 12. I'd get her checked out fakeblonde, just to be on the safe side - IF she is prepared to go the docs, which she may not be? She may seem unconcerned but I bet she is concerned: teens are full of worries about anything and everything and I doubt she doesn't mind. Can you somehow sureptitiously check if there is a similar pattern in your/her dad's family line?

wheniamqueen Mon 04-Jun-07 15:51:22

I was in a simular situation, and my mum took me to the drs, turned out, after a yr of different tests etc that i had polycystic ovaries, which one in 10 women have, although its quite rare to be diagnosed so young i was told (i was 15) in my case i also put on weight, got bad skin, my voice broke, and started to grow hairs on my chest and face (not such a good look in a girls school) its something to do with too many male hormones, anyway you said your ds was 8stone, and some women with polycystic can actually loose not 100% certain on all the details i didnt listen very well at that age! but i thought id let you know that it might be something worth checking out, everybody with pcos has different symptoms, but its nothing serious and the symptoms can be treated. Or it could just be shes a late starter. Hope this helped. x

lissie Mon 04-Jun-07 15:54:15

how tall is your daughter? i didnt start my periods til i was 17 because of my eating disorders. but the fact is some women dont til they are 16/17 sometimes even 18. its really not that uncommon.

dragonstitcher Wed 27-Jun-07 12:13:32

I was nearly 16 when I started. I'm 38 now with 3 DDs. It hasn't seemed to do me any harm.

lou33 Wed 27-Jun-07 12:16:48

dd1 still hasnt started hers at 15, the gp said not to worry about it for a year or so

Wolfgirl Wed 27-Jun-07 12:20:44

I didnt start mine till nearly 15 - 30 years later I still got 'em of course LOL

Unless she has existing medical probs, I wouldnt worry too much. It might be embarrasing for her (if she ever had to confess/admit etc), but I wouldnt be too bothered. Not sure this helps, but Im trying xx

aimeesmummy Wed 27-Jun-07 12:36:55

I have PCOS too! (Hi wheniamaqueen...!) I wasn't diagnosed with it til I was 27 after years of erratic periods and it was when I had a period that lasted 3 weeks including over a 3 week beach holiday, that I got hcked off with it and went to the docs. My periods are erratic again now I'm off the pill, I've had one in eight months. But, fakeblonde, your dd is not overweight (unless she's only 3 foot tall...!) which is usually a clue. Does she have unwanted excess body hair esp facial? I have to sit with a pair of tweezers most days

If you Google "PCOS", there are loads of websites.
The key thing with PCOS is to manage the weight; I can't remember the facts exactly but I think it's along the lines of the extra male hormones increases fat deposits in women and the fat cells increase the male hormones which can impair ovulation and fertility, and the risk of 1st trimester miscarriage is much higher in women with PCOS. My sister has PCOS too and has always been very overweight, my weight is OK (ish!). She'd been trying for a baby and had a 3rd miscarriage when I accidently fell pregnant with dd who is now 6. She had 1 more miscarriage then gave up, she couldn't loose the weight so couldn't go for IVF (they'd been told she needed to loose weight before being considered)
Sorry, been waffling!

Maybe ask next time you're at the docs at what age should you bring her if she's still not started, they advise you.

toffeecake Fri 29-Jun-07 19:43:55

I was 15 when I got my first period, and about 4 years ago a doctor told me that I might have PCOS, thinking back I think I had all the symptoms as a teenager (excessive body hairs, voice broke, acne, irregular periods) apart from the fact that I'm not overweight.
If it's any consolation, it hasn't affected my life AT ALL. I had no trouble at all falling pregnant (I've got 2 beautiful children) and actually, since having kids my period have become regular and my hairs have gone (well I still probably have more than the average but very good for my standards ). Actually the doctor told me his wife had that as well, and then showed me a photo of his familly and he had 4 girls! Victoria Beckham is known to have PCOS as well and she's got 4 kids (sorry to go on about having kids but I don't know what other symptoms that affect your everyday life PCOS has.
But anyway she might not have that, she might just be a bit later than the average.

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