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15 yr old daughters abuse/ school

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Nikki188 Wed 11-Oct-17 09:22:28

I'm new here, I'm basically at a loss with my 15 year old daughter, since year 7 she struggled with secondary school, she has been school hopping, eBas got involved, they stopped that, but she never liked the originally school, I think in the whole time in secondary school she has been for 8 weeks.
A lot has happened with my daughter and I've always struggled with her behaviour, it got worse after her dad died last year.
She became more abusive and I've ended up in hospital by her hands. She is a very strong girl. The school
Have experienced her behaviour too.
I have had every agency, therapy, you can mention or think of, but my daughter refuses to except any help, she has another referral to cahms next month, but she is refusing to go, I do think my daughter has traits of bipolar disorder.
This month I managed to get her in to the same school her brother goes to, she was supposed to start today, but again, don't want to go but at the weekend, she arranges to happily go out with friends, she said, my friends are more important, and what kind of mother you to refuse me from seeing them.. I didn't refuse, I thought why isn't your education important?
From my point of view, this girl has not tried one bit, she doesn't even take that step to even try.
Her attitude is... it's my life! Keep out! She likes to cause arguements, which I don't join in with, at times I've had to get my other children and leave the house before she attacks me.
With regards to the abuse she has been arrested and left in a police cell over night, even gone into emergency social care, but she is always returned by them as they say I have parental responsibility and they don't have no where to put her.
This situation has affected me mentally and my two younger children experiencing her behaviour.
I'm now at the position where, I have tried everything possible, but I can do no more.
I don't even think anyone out there can help anymore.
I see her future being nothing and ending up the same way her father did. Not a good place.

Thanks for taking the time to read

Trying2bgd Fri 13-Oct-17 11:25:08

op - I'm so sorry you are going through this. I don't have any real advice apart from saying that could you cal social services again and ask for help. Your and the other two dc's safety matters and this can't go on. Is there a family member who can take her or mediate?

Hopefully someone else with have more practical advice. Take care and I really hope things get better x

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