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St. John’s wort for a 14 year old? Any reason she can’t try it?

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ihatethecold Thu 05-Oct-17 07:57:14

The packaging says over 18 but I’d like to find out why.
I have really benefitted from taking SJW for low mood after a horrendous year.
My dd14 has really improved after having awful anxiety due to bullying.
She is working really hard with her counselling and went back to school ok this September but her anxiety is creeping back in.
Camhs are useless because her anxiety wasn’t bad enough for them to help.
She is definitely improving but has told me that she can feel it returning.

I found a study from 3 years ago where 12 to 17 year olds were given it in a blind study and showed improvement so it mustn’t be harmful to that age if they had it.

Does anyone else know where I can find some more recent research?

specialsubject Thu 05-Oct-17 12:58:14

Strong drug. Like all drugs, get medical advice.

MrsBossyPants Sun 08-Oct-17 19:46:44

My main concern about StJohnsWort is its contraindication with lots of other drugs. Because its sold over the counter, it wont be on her medical records if she needs to be prescribed anything else, and if she were ill, it would be easy to forget to tell the doctor she is taking it. Research the effects it can have on things like painkillers, cold remedies, contraceptive pill and anti depressants.

ihatethecold Sun 08-Oct-17 20:32:05

She takes no other medications. Rarely takes a painkiller.
Just about has Vit D supplements a few times a week.

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