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freedom at 14

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Keehar256 Mon 28-Aug-17 20:00:36

My 14 year old DD wants to stay out until 10pm. Its dark by 8.30, but she thinks I'm being too controlling.. I know she has to have room to make her own mistakes and I have to trust her to be sensible. I can't wrap her up in cotton wool, but I spend the whole time she's out thinking that the worst is going to happen.
I know I need to chill , but how?? We've agreed on 9.30 not a minute later. I can't think straight until she's home..

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NC4now Mon 28-Aug-17 20:02:58

My 15 year old is home by 9/9.30 unless he's 'somewhere' eg he's at a friend's and finishing watching a film, or at the cinema/skatepark. I don't let him hang around aimlessly till 10.

bringbacksideburns Mon 28-Aug-17 20:06:04

10 definitely too late. Sounds like you've reached the right compromise i' d say. And once it's winter nights I'd say a bit earlier.

SunshineAndSmile Mon 28-Aug-17 20:12:04

Depends where you mean by out?

Ttbb Mon 28-Aug-17 20:13:58

I wasn't even allowed to just wander around at 14 let alone late in the evening. All the way up until I finished high school I would come home at 9/9:30 unless I was doing something in particular and had arranged somewhere to spend the night/a lift home.

gingerbeerd Tue 29-Aug-17 06:05:56

9:30 sounds reasonable, depends on her maturity & environment (is she hanging around rough areas, are the people with her ones that you trust etc.)

DD0314 Fri 01-Sep-17 22:40:52

What do you consider "out"?

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