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Idontmeanto Tue 29-Aug-17 08:41:41

Not had a child go through it yet, but I am a teacher. I horrified a chat thread by saying ks4 students should be doing 2 hours a night the other day.
This needs to continue at a level together with good use of free periods. Lots of self discipline and growing independent study. If they don't get something read the text book, start a discussion on one of the online forums, do some relevant, general interest reading. Don't expect that they will be explicitly given homework that covers everything they need to do.

mumto2teenagers Sun 27-Aug-17 13:16:35

My dd is about to go into the second year of A levels, she attends college, but also has a number of free periods, she tends to stay at college during free periods and go to the library to study as she finds she gets more done than coming home and studying. If her lessons start at 11am, she will often get in to college around 9am and get a couple of hours study in before the actual lessons start.

I leave dd to plan her own study time, she knows what she needs to do to achieve the grades and once she is at uni there won't be any one there reminding her to study, so I think it's important that she learns to manage her time well.

Teenageromance Sat 26-Aug-17 17:48:01

Can I ask those of you who have had children go through A levels - what was their study routine on a weekly basis to get really good grades?

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