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Do you think its ok to let my 16 year old go to a football match with no over 18s?

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piper2252 Sat 26-Aug-17 04:00:40

Hi all, my 16 year old DS wants to go to a football match, he said that he'll pay for his football match ticket and train ticket from Birmingham to Manchester and his other friend ,who is 16 as well, would be going with him. I just want to know, are 16 year olds aloud to get on a train by themself and travel this far? Number 2- Would you let your child do this? He is very mature, wouldnt be the type to mess around or anything. (he wants to go to a 12:30 match and it finishes at around 2 and his train would leave 4ish)

Many Thanks

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feathermucker Sat 26-Aug-17 04:05:55

16 year olds are allowed to travel on a train alone, yes.

As to letting them go, I'm not sure. They'd be allowed, I think, but only you know your son well enough to know how nature he is etc.

There is the potential for trouble at some matches, so they'd need to be very careful with making sure they know their routes etc.

wrightmarg Sat 26-Aug-17 22:42:14

I think this would probably be fine. What is the match? Most football matches where there is potential for trouble are well policed and if it is premier league the stadium will be segregated, all seated and rival fans kept seperate.

He will be fine on the train. He sounds a sensible boy. I would let him go (although maybe feel a bit nervous until he was home again smile)

ineedamoreadultieradult Sat 26-Aug-17 22:44:34

Let him.go. At 16 and paying for it himself I'm surprised he is even asking permission!

VioletCharlotte Sat 26-Aug-17 22:50:40

Hi Op, my 16 year old did this for the first time this week. I was also pretty apprehensive, partly about whether they'd manage to get the train home ok (it was an 8pm kick off), but also I was worried about any trouble.

It was all fine though and he had a great time. It's not easy cutting that cord though is it?

AlexanderHamilton Sat 26-Aug-17 22:55:17

I used to do it aged 16 but only to home matches. I was 19 when I went to my first away match (my team were playing the club near to where I was studying at uni) Birmingham, Walsall & West Brom)

Does he know the area & have a contingency plan if travel doesn't quite go to plan?

Ds supports Man City & we've been to several matches at the Ethiad. It's like clockwork to be honest & everyone very friendly. My dad has been too as an away supporter.

My dad has also been to Man U as an away supporter & not felt quite so welcome.

AlexanderHamilton Sat 26-Aug-17 22:58:06

Thinking about it the main potential problem would be the train from Birmingham. We've been on that train on a matchday & it can be a bit raucous especially if fans have been drinking. Once in Manchester itself we feel pretty safe. The metro is very well organised.

Migraleve Sat 26-Aug-17 23:03:45

My 16yo would manage this without any issue. She is well traveled and sensible.

However I wonder how 'streetwise' your DC is if you don't even know that at 16 you can travel on a train alone! Are you generally quite detached from things like this? Because how your r DC copes with such a trip will be dependant on how much you have taught them

UsedToBeAPaxmanFan Sat 26-Aug-17 23:09:23

I'm amazed that you don't know that 16 year olds can get trains by themselves. And that your ds has never caught a train by himself before.
If he's that unconfident about independent travel then you need to check that he knows what to do if something happens eg train home doesn't run because of line problems. But if he has a mobile to rig you there shouldn't be a problem.

BertrandRussell Sun 27-Aug-17 10:10:50

OP- how do you think thousands of kids get to school?

BigSandyBalls2015 Sun 27-Aug-17 13:15:03

16? Loads of 16 year olds have travelled to reading by train for a three day festival this weekend without parents!!

Of course you should let him go

LoveBeingAMum555 Tue 29-Aug-17 22:33:23

Yes DS at 16 does this regularly, 50 miles from home so it involves a lift to the station, two different train journeys then the supporters bus from station to football ground. Him and his mates have dealt with a stolen wallet, lost train tickets, missed travel connections and some very rowdy trains. We live rurally so it's a great experience for him.

Just recently he has started going to night matches not getting home till midnight which makes me a tiny bit anxious but I wouldn't stop him.

I think being on a rowdy supporters train can be a shock, best to go along with it and laugh along with the drunks DS says. Beware of pickpockets and at all costs stay together.

Most of the time other supporters are friendly and the matches have a good atmosphere, it will be fine.

singadream Tue 29-Aug-17 22:39:44

I would let him - 16 is pretty old. I mean does he even need your permission?

NetballHoop Wed 30-Aug-17 00:24:40

I'd have no problem with this but I'd suggest that he doesn't wear a shirt or scarf in team colours while on public transport.

Aducknotallama Wed 30-Aug-17 22:13:38

I would definitely let my ds who is 16 next week do this.

scrabbler3 Wed 30-Aug-17 23:19:11

No problem, but no club shirt/scarf on display and follow police/steward rules at the other end.

Away games are great. I enjoy visiting other grounds and have never seen any trouble (not since I was a kid in the 1980s, anyway).

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