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Driving theory test nightmares!

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furrymuff Tue 22-Aug-17 15:40:07

I was wondering if anyone had any advice or suggestions? DS1 is 18 - he has managed to fail his driving theory test 10 times now shock

He revises for a couple of weeks before each test, doing an average of 2-3 practice tests a day and passes almost every time. But when he gets to the actual test he fails by 1-2 marks on every attempt.

I've asked him if he gets nervous and he says no - he says that often it depends on the first question. If he knows it his confidence is boosted, but if he doesn't then he says he gets angry and it goes downhill from there. He also says that sometimes he will change his mind about an answer and change it.

What can he do to finally pass? He's desperate to drive, and is actually a pretty good driver! He struggled at school with a lack of concentration and an inability to stay focussed for longer than around 15 minutes, so I'm guessing that this has something to do with it. I'm so tired of driving him to work - I really want him to pass!

Can anyone suggest anything that might help?

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Flyingprettycretonnecurtains Tue 22-Aug-17 16:13:11

The Queen Elizabeth Foundation do assistance for this - google it for more info.

DancesWithOtters Tue 22-Aug-17 16:15:41

Ooh I passed mine last week! The £4.99 app is brilliant. I probably spent about 20 hours doing it though.

You do all of the questions, then keep doing all of the questions you previously got wrong until there are none you don't know.

In the week leading up to it I probably did about 20 tests a day.

furrymuff Tue 22-Aug-17 21:59:12

Thank you both for your advice! I have downloaded the £4.99 app - it is great smile

He has booked back in for this Saturday morning and has started using the app to practice with already so fingers crossed!

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TeenAndTween Tue 22-Aug-17 22:28:44

DD failed her first theory through not putting enough effort in.
DH then sat down with her for a few evenings and went through every single of the 900+ questions in the book and made sure she understood the answer to all of them.

DD had an app too but I don't think she was thorough enough with it. Which is why we forced her to go through the book. (We'd have left her to it, but we really wanted her to pass her test before she turned 18 due to starting work).

kath6144 Fri 25-Aug-17 16:44:24

Can someone advise me about the app. The only DVSA version we can find is via itunes, to download onto iPad, iphone etc. This is fine for the questions, but how are people practising hazards?

DS, who did his 2.5 yrs ago, says DD needs to practice hazards on PC with a mouse as that is how she will do them in test (rather than using her finger on an IPad).

Can anyone help, is there an official hazard app for use on a PC?

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