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Anyone's DC not worn a retainer after braces?

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ifonly4 Thu 17-Aug-17 08:51:39

If your DC was given or decided not to wear their retainer, have any of their teeth moved?

DD is due to have her braces off this month which we have an appointment for. However, she is due to move away 10 days later and I can't get an appointment with the hospital for the follow up retainer even though her orthodontist told booking to override the system.

MaidenMotherCrone Thu 17-Aug-17 09:06:09

Her teeth will move without using the retainer. DS became a bit cba about wearing his and yes his teeth moved considerably.

BizzyFizzy Thu 17-Aug-17 14:08:36

Bend over backwards to get a retainer. Her teeth will move back without one, and she'll need to start from scratch.

My DD broke her retainer the night before going on holiday so was without it for three weeks. One of her teeth moved enough for the orthodontist to have to do active treatment - and that's two years after her braces came off.

ReedBunting Thu 17-Aug-17 14:12:10

please wear the retainer.... I had years of orthodontic work as a teen. then when it finished was less than keen to wear a retainer. 20+ yrs later my teeth were as wonky as they were when I was 13 and I am now midway through treatment with an orthodontist as an adult to correct things again at considerable expense.

SayNoToCarrots Thu 17-Aug-17 14:14:33

I wore my retainer for six months. As soon as I stopped, my teeth started migrating back.

GraceGrape Thu 17-Aug-17 14:15:29

Exactly as above. I was never given a retainer and my teeth are now worse than pre-braces. Am looking into paying for adult treatment which costs a fortune.

Groovee Thu 17-Aug-17 14:17:19

Dd lost her retainer on holiday and her teeth moved. It was gutting!

ineedwine99 Thu 17-Aug-17 14:17:23

I think i got lucky, i wore my retainer for maybe 3-4 months then got lazy and my teeth only moved the smallest amount so are still straight

ineedwine99 Thu 17-Aug-17 14:18:18

Of course as a mum if my daughter needs braces i will be more vigilant on her wearing her retainer than i was

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 17-Aug-17 14:18:53

You must wear a retainer, I know two kids who didn't and needed braces again. My ds says he only has to miss a night or so and he feels the difference!

poisonedbypen Thu 17-Aug-17 14:19:05

Yes, DD's bottom teeth are worse than pre braces due to not wearing the retainer, they really are awful & at some point she will need to do something about it.

Wanderingbluebell Thu 17-Aug-17 14:29:30

Yes they will move so definitely need a retainer. I had braces a second time as an adult to address quite bad overcrowding (back in the old days we weren't given retainers). You can get fixed retainers (wire permanently glued to back of teeth) or removable ones. I have both. You have to be more careful with hygiene with the fixed ones but good as an insurance if you aren't good at remembering to use the removables.

IHeartDodo Thu 17-Aug-17 14:44:39

She definitely needs it immediately or all that work was a waste!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 17-Aug-17 15:07:13

I'm surprised she has an appt ten days after having them off. When ds had his off he had the retainers the next day as they stressed how important it was to have them almost immediately.

Carmichaela Thu 17-Aug-17 16:02:19

Dd lost two retainers. Didn't wear them when replaced and her teeth are crap now

Sundance2741 Thu 17-Aug-17 19:32:32

My dd had to be nagged constantly to wear her retainers. She would then say they hurt her because she didn't always wear them so her teeth moved. Her bottom teeth had never been totally straightened as the tracks kept falling off but top were fine. Eventually retainers for top teeth broke. We were told we'd have to pay for a replacement so we didn't bother give dd's attitude. (Decided she could sort it as an adult if she wanted). It's several years now - top teeth are ok and don't stick out like bunny teeth like they used to. But bottom ones as wonky as ever - but then they were never fully straightened.

AnyFucker Thu 17-Aug-17 19:34:24


My 21yo is back at square one after not complying with instructions

BestIsWest Thu 17-Aug-17 19:47:07

Mine too.

FrenchRoast Fri 18-Aug-17 12:08:43

If your dd can't get a retainer she should keep her braces on till she can get a retainer. Our dentist keeps a record of your retainer and can get another one made up quickly in the same shape if you lose/break your retainer. Nephew's retainer broke and he wouldn't spend the money on a replacement - his teeth are very wonky and it only took six months to see a massive movement. He'll need braces again!

xohalaxek Fri 18-Aug-17 12:11:22

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

showergel1 Fri 18-Aug-17 12:14:32

Definitely wear the retainer. I didn't realise i had to wear it for good so eventually stopped wearing it and lost it. My teeth are awful and I went through so much to make them nice.

Kez100 Fri 18-Aug-17 12:15:27

My son had his teeth move during braces because a bit broke off and he didn't tell us! I think you need to do everything you can to get retainers or keep the braces for a little longer.

My son then had a years gap between retainer checks due to moving away but wore them religiously. He was praised when he returned. Apparently most don't follow instructions and do end up with movement but the extent of it varies.

Doyouthinktheysaurus Fri 18-Aug-17 12:35:31

Definitely get the retainers! Ds1 had his fitting for retainers when they were removed and we collected them 2 days later. I have a hunch for the first couple of days he had to wear the most of the time, day and night and he said they felt really tight. Clearly, his teeth had already started to move.

He's over a year now since his braces come off and he wears his retainers both nights as he prefers the routine of it.

IfYouGoDownToTheWoodsToday Fri 18-Aug-17 12:42:22

Don't panic OP.

My DD wore her retainers for about 2 years. She then stopped and 7 years later her teeth have moved, but now where near back to where they started.. Also I had braces before retainers were invented, I'm 51. Again my teeth moved but not by a huge amount!

ifonly4 Sat 19-Aug-17 10:00:16

Her orthodontist has known for nearly a year she'd be moving away and she assured me braces would be off and everything ready before she moved. It's so annoyed, we fall at the last step.

I've phoned the booking department at the hospital and they were going to refer it to a different orthodontist but no one has got back to me. I think I'll have to phone again on Monday and asked if they can transfer her to the area she's moving to.

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