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Clothing for young teens

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littlebillie Sun 23-Jul-17 21:14:33

My DD is 13 and has grown a lot recently but she has skinny legs and arms and a big belly, I assume this a pre a big growth spurt and puberty. I am stuggling to find clothes which are fashionable, not slashed or show off her belly. Any ideas where we go to shop?

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mumma24 Tue 25-Jul-17 08:50:19

I have 12 and 14 year old, both wear small mens/womens. Have you tried H&M, new look, river island

whatsleep Mon 31-Jul-17 15:29:36

Primark ladies clothes start at a size 4 or 6. My dd 13 has had a few things from there recently. Although trousers are no good as far to long!

SafeToCross Mon 31-Jul-17 15:58:33

I have started to look at size 4s and up on ASOS and Boohoo for dd, but it is a bit hit and miss - watch out for necklines being too low/big, and some items too tight, some too big, so it is unpredicatable. Otherwise we do Primark, New Look, H and M. I would look at the Top Shop petite range but their stuff is kind of odd this season. Dorothy Perkins Petite might also be useful.

GetOffTheTableMabel Mon 31-Jul-17 16:02:51

Zara goes up to age 14. Also Next & Gap. I tend to find we can use adult clothing for tops but trousers are too long/wrong shape unless I get a specific teen size. George at Asda v good for jeans/jeggings.

littlebillie Tue 01-Aug-17 15:58:22

Thank you its getting harder and she is getting upset.

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SheSparkles Tue 01-Aug-17 15:59:49

I've always found New Look good for younger teens -on trend but without being too adult

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