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What is you 15yo son doing during the school hols?

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CheshireEditor Sun 23-Jul-17 18:23:08

He's bored. We have 10 days away in a week and a half. His younger 10yo brothers have cricket camp and cover by Grandma when me and DH are at work, I work 3 days a week.

Everything I suggest is dismissed inc. a job. He's going to the movies with friends tomorrow and we are going to London, just me and him for part of his 3D design GSCE.

I can't have this mongin and moaning all summer long!

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Justhadmyhaircut Sun 23-Jul-17 18:25:23

We live at the beach, lots of meet ups down there, he goes to Leeds festival in a few weeks with friends. (he is 16 a few days before). Then likely the rest of hols to recover. .

boggedoff Sun 23-Jul-17 18:29:03

Mine is watching the entire run of Dr who and we're still at William hartnell it will be a long summer

SimonsPies Sun 23-Jul-17 18:31:18

Festering in his onesie while playing on his x-box.

dementedma Sun 23-Jul-17 18:35:28

I have found my people. He is playing on his xbox, eating me out of house and home and being bored. He has been to the cinema twice, to Edinburgh with me to be bored in the rain, and had one night at his Grandma s to eat shepherds pie and sticky toffee pudding.
This endless fucking rain isnt helping.

GuiltyFeet Sun 23-Jul-17 19:13:27

So far he's done some cooking, went on a long walk with a friend, played computer games, read comics and went to an archery class.

AllTheWittyNamesAreGone Sun 23-Jul-17 19:15:41

Festering in his onesie while playing on his x-box.

This. His only exercise is to the fridge and back

Violetcharlotte Sun 23-Jul-17 19:34:34

My DS is 16. No doubt he'll spend the majority of the summer holed up in his bedroom playing PS4 hmm He seems to come to life about 4pm and goes out to meet his mates early evening. He's got an interview next week so hopefully will be working se of the time (please God!)

daisychicken Sun 23-Jul-17 19:46:25

He'll spend most of it holed up in his bedroom on his PC.. we are away for 2 weeks and he's off cycling for 4 days so there will be some exercise, just not much!

Can I ask if any of you limit screen time or have a 'curfew' when all gadgets must be switched off (& if so, what time).

We set 11pm as end of Wi-Fi time till the next morning bearing in mind he'll be on it ALL day but have been told we are the meanest parents ever and none of his friends are limited to when they can access Wi-Fi (despite the fact it's only limited 11pm-8am)... hmm

Violetcharlotte Sun 23-Jul-17 22:10:24

Daisy I don't limit wifi. I used to up until a few years ago, but now DS2 is 16 and DS1 nearly 18 I figure they're old enough to make their own choices. As long as they do a few jobs I ask them to do every day I pretty much leave them to it.

My friend's DH is always switching off the wifi, imposing screen curfews, etc and it causes the most hideous rows. I prefer a quiet life!

Jungfraujoch Sun 23-Jul-17 22:14:55

My DS is 16 and doing NCS. Into the final week now. I signed him up and he flatly refused to go. Eventually after lots of nagging, me saying be good to put on your CV, experience etc etc, he said he would do,the first week (activity centre) but not,promise to carry on. Guess what? It wasn't as bad as he thought and has stuck with it!

kitnkaboodle Mon 24-Jul-17 00:23:53

Daisy chicken - we have 9pm gadgets curfew and phones charged downstairs. Kids are 13 and 15. It's been in force for couple of years so they are used to it and don't complain. It's the 13 y o who is screen-addicted. 15 y ô less so. Getting first taste of paid work with his dad. Also doing Fine Art coursework at some point and voluntary work for DofE. Otherwise dossing around house. A few days out. No proper holidays arranged this year sad

TheSecondOfHerName Mon 24-Jul-17 00:35:27

Things he will be doing (all his choice):
Volunteering at the library once a week
Practising the clarinet
Consolidating the work he covered in Y10
Skype chatting with his friends
Playing computer games

Things that I'd like him to do but he won't:
Getting any exercise
Going outside in the fresh air

JufusMum Mon 24-Jul-17 09:29:02

DD almost 15 is a recluse! She has a babysitting job for two weeks of the hols and we are away for one week, but otherwise she will be festering in her bed. She does have a revision plan in place also as going into Year 11 in Sept. No friends in our tiny village with no transport and I have to work, so yes, reclusive!
Left her bed-festering today. Babysitting job starts tomorrow.

helhathnofury Fri 28-Jul-17 09:05:42

First week of hols and my nearly 15 yr old Ds and 12yo dd's have all gone on scout camp for the week. 10 pin bowling, theme park, golf putting, kayaking. The rest of the time I fear will be attached to his Xbox or PC and rarely seeing daylight. Though school has set some GCSE work to be done and he did actually say "I want to feel I've done something with my holidays", so he might surprise me. 2dd's are a bit more sociable and will meet up with friends.

KingscoteStaff Sat 29-Jul-17 11:20:08

Playing for the Under 15s, Under 17s, Under 19s, Men's 3rd and Men's 2nd cricket teams.

Watching his sister play for the Under 13s and Under 15s. Learning to score on the new ipad scoring system. 'Helping out' in the bar of the cricket pavilion (in the hope of getting some paid work there in future).

Away from the cricket club, doing some gym sessions in preparation for the rugby season, practising instruments (one loud, one even louder), doing some Maths set by school and revising his case study notes for Geography (he was disappointed by summer exam results in both these subjects).

He is also mowing lawns for his granny and (increasingly) all his granny's granny friends, possibly for money, possibly just for cake (I haven't enquired too closely).

kitnkaboodle Mon 31-Jul-17 00:20:03

You win!

Taniamiff Wed 02-Aug-17 13:40:19

Saying up late playing xbox, sleeping most of the day, stinking out the house and moaning that there isn't enough food in the house. Thank God that I am at work

frippit Wed 02-Aug-17 22:56:07

At 15 my son spent the summer hols on his bike with his mates exploring the local area, mountain biking, fishing, camping out in friends gardens and a two week camping hol with us, his older sister, her uni mates and friends.We camped on the North Wales coast near some lovely beaches and he got into surfing that year.
He had an xbox but rarely used it, was always an outdoor type really. He's 22 now and works as a tree surgeon and gardener, he always hated being indoors.

CaptainCanary Sun 06-Aug-17 10:16:26

Band practice with his mates or playing guitar on his own
Swimming once a week
Watching every Batman film in order
Watching every Star Wars film in order
Next week he's agreed to help repaint MIL's kitchen and bathroom

and this week's bonus activity: moping around the house because his gf is on holiday, checking his phone every 10 minutes in case she's messaged him. I've made sure he's not pestering her!

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