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X-box shouting when playing!

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CountryLovingGirl Sat 24-Jun-17 21:29:15


My 13 year old boy LOVES his X-box and would quite happily play on the thing all day, every day...if I let him. He has the headphone set and chats to his friends but he also shouts and screams at the screen (I don't think he has the chat on when he does this). He has gradually got louder over recent months. I am forever telling him to be quiet and it is doing no good. Not only is this annoying for us but his younger sister is struggling to get to sleep.
He gets so wound up when playing on the thing. If I take it away he will nag and nag to have it back. What do I do?

bigchris Sat 24-Jun-17 21:31:31

My d's the same
I wouldn't let him play when your dd is in bed
We don't allow electronics upstairs either

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